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    1. this podcast started from little twitter posts I’ve been making for 3 years.. #NutshellSermon.. now they’re usually 2 minutes long
      thanks for adding comments to the ones you like.. still calculating what works

  1. Bryan, I found your music back in the 80’s. Heart Of Mine is still one of my favorite songs. There’s a lot of depth in your lyrics, that is when your not “getting yourself committed “!. I just discovered your nutshell sermons podcast. I listened to the Jesus music part 1 and then scrolled back to your very first. I’m looking forward to the adventure of what makes you tick! Blessings Brother Bryan!

    1. Awesome Rob, thanks for checking in. Yes, I still do concerts but it appears that recording might be a thing of the past. So I post on here as well ‘songs that didn’t make the last record’ and “Songs that didn’t get airplay’ some are demo quality, rough draft and some are pretty well produced already. Glad you started from the beginning welcome to my nutcase

  2. Thought I would just say “hey”! Catchy name for a Podcast. I’ve given some thought about how I might be boxed up for departing this world and heading to my future eternal abode. As a “nut” myself, always wanting to bring a cheerful smile or giggle or maybe even a laugh to as many as possible, I gave a thought to my way of saying “goodbye”. I’ve shared this with my wife, children, grandchildren, (my great grands are too young to understand yet, but I hope I get the chance), but I haven’t gotten a commitment to follow through on this from any of them.
    So here goes. I would like to get Planters to provide for me a casket (not a coffin cause that would just remind everyone of Covid 19 or when they had that horrible cough that wouldn’t go away) made in the shape of a peanut shell. Then as they lay me in my slumbering state they should wrap my upper torso (what’s left of it after donating organs) with bubble wrap. Then everybody that comes by can have something to do while they reminisce over the crazy things they remembered about me. Everybody really likes to pop those bubbles, whether they admit it or not. They might even put a small bit in the little remembrance bulletin that everybody gets at the sign-in book. That way if someone felt odd doing it at the front they could do it in the privacy of their choice. On with the service. A smidgen of seriousness would be the choice of my family and friends with a bid for salvation opportunity (cause I have put in some years training people in Evangelism Explosion). Then close the the end (not mine – I’m already gone) but rather the end of the talk(sermon), they might make reference to the many animal sounds I would do to, hopefully, cheer folks up or at least get a laugh. Although I did run a woman out of a grocery store when I barked like a dog while behind here in the checkout line. She left her groceries and ran out of the store. Later I found out that she suffered from a severe “dog phobia”. I have retained my ability to bark like several different species of dogs, quack like a duck, gobble like a turkey, tweet like several birds, talk like a parrot, Winnie like a horse, and even cry like a newborn baby (inspired by Kamill Campbell at SEBC). The playing of these on an MP3 or MP4 or whatever audio source of the age could be followed by asking any and all to think of me (at least for a day or two) when they hear one of these animals express their feelings in sound.
    Then as the closing statement the minister would look to the “peanut shell” and say these words: “You have to know that this is the body that Sam lived in for these _____ many years but now his spirit is in Heaven. Think of it this way, this is just his shell, the nut is in heaven.” And if there was a small meal to be shared after, there should be many a bag of nuts (donated by Planters, of course).

    1. Thanks fer yer insights.. you need yer own podcast LOL it would do well I’m sure. are you a by product of SEBC? i don’t recognize yer name or Kamill Campbell.. I remember a Jim Campbell! maybe he has off spring

  3. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes (you know the rest)… Good work, Bryan. I agree: many sermons can be done in two minutes (well, except for that one by Jesus on a mountain, so long that he threw a picnic afterwards).

    Seriously, I hope this gets some traction. You’ve seen things, learned things, and yet, you’re still standing. Give it your best. You’re an elder statesman now.

    1. they say that about writers too.. you learn to write but you don’t have the experience to write till yer my age ! LOL the podcast thing came almost out of nowhere.. I was posting #nutshellsermon on twitter for a couple o years and then one day I after hearing about podasting on the radio.. a friend helped me get up and running.. so far so good

  4. I was raised by a narcissistic mother. Until recently I just thought she was a control freak. I am going to get counseling, so I just wanted to say that to let you know that your humor and music have helped me thru the years.

    1. good to know.. I love counseling.. at least with the right person.. the sounding board was something I really needed… insights into our self, our feelings, and our behaviors are absolutely fascenating to me.. who knew I was studying it as I wrote songs for years

  5. You are still one of my all-time favorite singers. You are so talented. Have your albums and saw you twice in concert 38 years ago!!

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