10 Replies to “Sayin Goodbye”

    1. Thanks for sharing his name with me.. makes it a real person a little more.One thing I’ve heard from those who lose friends is ‘nobody mentions them later and it feels like they were never here’ We’re in a season of Goodbyes.. lets make our time count

  1. I love listening to these sermons. I’ll always be forever grateful for what you did for me when my father died.

  2. My mommy, Nanette Graham, just passed into glory 2 weeks ago, 12-28-22. I’ve known you since I was 18 years old and your music has always been a blessing to me. Thank you Bryan for sharing another one.

  3. Thanks Bryan. You don’t really know what this means to me. I just hope that I have that one true friend in my life that will remember me the way you have remembered James. Thanks Again, Ron

    1. thanks for listening to nutshell sermons Ron and commenting as well.. James was a surprise to me… we met at a support group meeting .. I didn’t like him at first then discovered we were both preachers kids and everything changed. Look for your song in a few minutes

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