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      1. No kidding I remember Lee College .. man I remember I was still using cassette copies of back tracks! LOL and I couldn’t find the cassette at that gig.. freaked me out for a bit. I just misplaced but I never forgot that panic or where I was when I had it.

    1. Hi Brian, I have chosen to use the e-mail system to hear you and it took some experimenting to find the comments section. I would like a MP3 of this song (don’t know what that is yet) because my daughter lost her last family member, Uncle Mel on her father’s side of the family. Uncle Mel’s wife,daughter & granddaughter are grieving heavily too and I want to be able to share this song with them too. Thanks for this offering.

  1. Had to hear it again. I believe this will be a standard someday. My son passed a year ago. He wasn’t my friend and I don’t expect to see him in heaven but that would be great!

  2. Truly a Beautiful song Bryan! Brought tears! I’ve lost so many family members since 2012 it is by God’s Grace that I am still standing! Only Him can bring strength to the broken-hearted’

    1. Yea I got counseling because Dad’s funeral was maybe the one time I didn’t choke up in this song. I’m losing track these days but I saw a pic of his grave site .. 13 years as past

  3. Bryan, what timing. Lorraine’s daughter was born on this day. Sadly, you know, we lost her sometime back in her mid-thirties. You were kind to call Lorraine. We won’t ever forget that act of Kindness.

    1. my friends lost their 35 year old daughter last year. just had lunch with her dad. I sang another song last summer at her funeral.. she was a believer with and addition. Can’t believe how many friends are saying good bye to someone all the time

  4. In the last couple months I lost a believing friend to addiction and a work friend who was not a believer . My work friend haunts me some as I wonder, if I should have done more, if I could have been a better friend…maybe he turned to God in his last days..l don’t know.

    1. we have to trust that God is not willing!!! that any parish and He is Just.. I always believe that Jesus meets you at the point of cross over for another offer. can’t prove it but I think I cannot love someone more than God does and I trust we have every chance possible.. some are not in their right mind on this earth either.. there has to be a clarity of understanting to make a choice. GOD KNOWS

        1. Thanks for your comments TJ …
          Welcome to Nutshellsermons.com now, I’ve discovered that stating the truth is sometimes not effective, not because its not true but because it’s not personal

  5. Bryan- I loved this song. You are absolutely right about folks meaning well when someone has lost a loved one. The lyrics convey to me that someday we will be with them too. I have seen all too many wonderful brothers and sisters leave for their heavenly home. In some ways I am jealous. And I grieve for those left behind. In my own life I have felt my mortality as this 70 yr old body doesn’t work quite it used to in my DJ years. Bryan, I have been so blessed by your music over the years. I just subscribed to Nutshell Sermons. God is with you!

    1. Cool to hear from you.. not sure what you mean or maybe what I said where? Folks meaning well .. you mean sayin all the wrong things I spose.. lot of that. I think most of us rush to fill the silence.. never a good thing. Thanks for subscribing this is kinda like bein a radio guy LOL glad to have you around. I turn 70 in march so we can share the suffering LOL

  6. Bryan, yes I need a copy of this song! Said bye for now to my sweet daddy tonight (Jake Roberts) this song will help heal my heart. Thank you so very much!

    1. wow so sorry to hear.. seems like maybe it was ordained for me to post this week. my thought was I should be such a downer just because I’m losing friends and family at an alarming rate. but wow everyone seems to be in the same place too .. check yer inbox it’ll be there in five minutes. May God give you strength in the “For Now” in your future

  7. Patty Gaskamp is my husband , George’s first cousin here in Michigan.Their precious mothers were sisters,Patty would have loved your song, as I am sure Allan does. It is beautiful, please send me a copy.

    1. such amazing timing for me to see how timely the post of this song is. Thanks Rita. Nice to meet you Alan has been a friend for quite awhile I hope you will enjoy my future Nutshell Sermons from yer friend on the back row. check yer in box in two minutes

  8. P.S. Do you have the lyrics written down also. My listening skills for words is not 100% I have sang in choirs since I was 2 y.y. but always needed the lyrics. I am wired to hear the musical notes & music but not the words. Thanks once again.

  9. Subscribing as we speak. Would love a copy of your song. Really enjoy listening to it. Can you also post the lyrics please? Thank you!

  10. Beautiful song, brother!
    You honor your friend.
    Thank you for sharing this.
    You and Cassie are continually in my prayers.

    1. hey thanks Gene, we’re still wading thru medical procedures to see if you can get financial assistence. mean time Nutshellsermons has really helped me with side work as concerts have been slow to return
      Subscribe for free if you haven’t

  11. what a great song. we lost our son 12 years ago and i lost my best friend a year ago. this song really ministered to me. i would love to have the song in an mp3 if you would be so kind.

    1. check your inbox in a minute… yes, finally wrote this song as funerals seemed to fall short of closure on this side o heaven.. hope you continue to enjoy Nutshell sermons.. not replacing preachures just confirming from yer friend on the back row
      Soo to hear of your son especially.. that sorrow never quite heals

  12. I just lost my daughter. My only daughter. There is a gaping hole inside me now, though I hope that love will fill it slowly over time. I am raising her little girl now. I look forward to the day that I will see my daughter again. Please send me this heartfelt song.

    1. Wow so sorry to hear .. we should never have to bury our kids.. I’ll send you the song in a minute.. I would love to hear your daughter’s name,, and your granddaughters name in a return email Alex. Thanks for checking in. I hope you enjoy the lighter hearted Nutshell Sermons. I’ll get back to them next week.. just dealing with a lot of loss this month as well.

  13. Bryan, beautiful song and timely for me…I buried my sister the day before the podcast posted. I listened as I drove home the next day. Thank you!!! Can you please send me the mp3?

    1. Hi Jon, been a while.. you feel like an old friend to me. and yes, seems like we’re burying our own generation now after our parents. I was reluctant to put this up but it just seems like so many are going ahead of us. Check yer inbox. happy to hear from you anytime and always. tell me about your sister in a return email. and her name as well.

  14. I would love a copy. God has blessed you with such talent and soul. Maybe we’ll play together in a heavenly band some day.

  15. Thank you for this song. Just lost an old friend to suicide this weekend. I would love to share this with our friends.

    1. that was my purpose in writing this song .. a way to give freely of my own compassion for others! Check your inbox! and thanks I hope you continue to subscribe to nutshellsermons as well

  16. Bryan,
    Great song! I’d love a copy. I’d love a chord sheet too if that would be possible. I’d be happy to compensate for your efforts.

    1. Hi Jim man I play by ear! and I had my friend John Schreiner play keyboards on this one.. He always makes it harder to play for me.. as I pretty much ‘hunt and peck’ LOL I will send the MP3. (I sing it a cappela most of the time)

    1. aaah man, so sorry to hear. so many have lost people in the last week. It’s astonishing. I will send this song to your email.. for you to share with Kennedy’s mom and your sister. Please tell her ‘there are no words’ it is unimaginable pain that I would not want to endure!

  17. Bryan,
    I’ve been listening to your songs on the Get Me Radio! app, loving your Road to Redemption show, and moved to laughter and tears challenged by your Nutshell Sermons. Please send me a copy of this painstakingly emotional gut punch song that offers us the empowering Hope to see us through! Thanks!

  18. Bryan. Thank you again for sharing this. today is visitation gonna be hard. But I know Kennedy will be waiting for us.

  19. Thank you brother for this song. My father past away a few years ago and I was just reminiscing about him today. I listen to the song gave me such joy that we have a faith that assures us that I will see in again when I cross over to Jordan. Blessings brother. You have been such a blessing to me over the years. Yes, send me the tune.

    1. thanks for listening to my new efforts in nutshellsermons. this gives me a way to work from home in my final years for that I’m grateful as concerts have waned due to Covid lockdowns and a decline in radio airplay. Thanks for signing the comments I hope you would continue to subscribe to the 3X a week delivery

  20. Brian,
    I heard the song “Goodbye My Friend “on one of your nutshell sermons on Classic Christian Rock Radio and it really ministered to me. I have lost a lot of childhood friends and this really touched me. I would love a mp3 copy of this song so I can listen to it when I think of my friends that have gone on. Thank You so much and God Bless Your ministry.

  21. Bryan this song is absolutely beautiful. I can tell it came straight from the deepest caverns of your heart. I would love a copy my friend.

    1. I watched a clip of someones funeral ‘life pics’ segment for the first time yesterday. it is amazing how it works even better in the background of pictures of someone’s life~!

  22. Bryan if you could send me a mp3 copy of this song I would really appreciate it. I heard this song on one of your Nutshell Sermons and it was really touching and ministered to me! I have lost my mom, brother and a few childhood friends and I often think of them and really miss them. Thank You and God Bless you and your ministry.

    1. Hi Tom sure thing. check yer inbox it’ll be there in a minute. Sorry to hear bout yer mom. lost mine too back in 2019… its a new world to navigate strangely enough. thanks for you support of my new definitions of ministry too btw

  23. Bryan, your songs have ministered to my heart and rocked my soul since SCB days! I listen to you 4 times a week during my exercise regimen… via Spotify… (I serve as a missionary in the Philippines) I also shared my love for your music (all things Bryan D) with my handicapped brother who just turned 50 and listens to everyday rotations of Bryan Duncan and Michael W Smith… He is now on Death’s doorstep due to a congenital disease that he has fought since birth. Thank you for this song. It is beautiful and magnifies our God and illustrates the Eternal perspective. I would love a copy!

    1. No words here.. Don.. we say good bye for now to everyone eventually. doens’t make the goodbye’s any easier.. I will send the song in two minutes from this post! My prayers for the MacKay clan andfor peace for your brother in his transition as well..

  24. Bryan, Thank You 3 years ago today my dad was dying. He was my foundation. As I recall his last 2 days & rejoicing in Salvation I feel God’s Devine moment that I listen to this NutshellSermon today!

    1. I did another funeral this weekend too for my friend’s dad. Hard to say Good bye but “For Now” helps! I sang this very song again! Thanks for sharing.. Sharyn! smiling!

  25. Thank you for this. Brought a tear to my eyes remembering my friend.
    Please send the mo3 file

  26. Brian, you always know how to say it best in any situation. I’d like to have a copy to share with others in there time of loss. You are truly my forever “lunatic friend”

    1. Hi Lynda, thanks for the encouragment we’ve known each other a while now. we all say good bye to someone. this has been my easy gift to so many in recent years. check your inbox

  27. I love your song Bryan. I would like them to sing it along to your record at my funeral. Please send me a copy & thank you for writing this song.

  28. As with all your music, Bryan…fantastic! I always enjoy our little comments on each other’s posts in fb, and have been a fan for a long time! I’ve downloaded all the music you have ( and SCB) in Apple Music, but would love to have any more you have, that isn’t on there…like this song, and The Waiting Is Over. Please message me on how to get that! I still have fond memories of the time your dad had me come minister in his church at Sandhills, here in NC! He was so proud of you! Since retiring from itinerant ministry, I don’t make it out to Southern California much anymore…but next time I do…would love to finally meet you in person!

    1. Hi Dan.. nice to see you on here. of course the funeral song For Now Goodbye is yours for free via mp3 .. I’ll send a few minutes.. If you want the whole WIO CD in hard copy I’ll send yer info with yer song

  29. Bryan, love the song, would love a copy.

    The song Haven’t Seen You comes to mind too.

    1. Hi Brian, thanks for the kudos check yer inbox.. the funeral song is comin .. I don’t have a recording of Haven’t Seen You but it can be found on Youtube

  30. What another awesome song Bryan! Still IMHO, you are the all-time best Christian songwriter (and singer). I still can’t believe I got to meet you and work with you (through Eddie K) back in the late 80’s/early 90’s. I had ALL the Sweet Comfort Band albums growing up and they had a huge impact on my life. Big thank you!!! BTW, I would love a copy of the song!

    1. Hi Mark. I can send you the demo, but pray I can find a way to get this recorded professionally this is simply a live performance with enhances vocal stacks.. not sure what happens from here.. maybe find somewhere to put it.. or at least play it live

  31. Once again, you have the eloquence to say just the right things that express what the rest of us are thinking or feeling, even in the most difficult circumstances.
    Yes, please send me the mp3, and lyrics, as well as info on getting WIO.
    Initially I was thinking I’d sing this at an upcoming memorial service, but there’s no way I could without choking. I think if I ever sang this in public, it would have to be for somebody I didn’t personally know, and even then I’d have to disconnect my heart somehow.
    I agree with the other Julie: I want this at my funeral.

    1. glad you like the song… I gotta say, even singing this at memorials for people I didn’t really know, its still difficult. not really sing but more to feel! check yer inbox

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