4 Replies to “How Long Is A Little While?”

  1. Talking about suffering and you still make me laugh .
    How long is suffering? Probably as long as we remain in this sin sick world. All the apostles except John died a horrible death and they counted it joy to suffer for His Name.
    I think we have missed something that they knew.

  2. Yes! You did make me smile – especially when you mentioned the longest chapter in the Bible and my mind went to Psalms 119 . Bob Probert’s Old Testament Bible study is still with me after all these years plus my own Bible reading. Thanks for bringing joy through your humorous outtakes.

    1. thanks for the encouragement Nann Good to hear from people who remember Bob Probert LOL yea, my fav reminder in scripture Psalm 119;71 was astonishing first time I read it.. never saw it for years but then maybe verses hit you based on where you are in life!

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