7 Replies to “God Is Not Your Stunt Double”

    1. not sure why but your post is posting twice I’m answering once however LOL always great to hear your insights or feeling on these nutshells. this has endeavor has breathed a second wind into my sense of hope for the future. a way to continue to minister doing something I enjoy. God speaks in subtleties sometimes. this podcast came after 3 years of not knowing what to do!

  1. Lol hilarious and point well taken. I love the outtakes mushed together feel with yer style! Crams a lot into a short segment. Good job Bryan keep it coming. Conviction with humor is a new concept I think? Hm

    1. thanks for the encouragement. leaving pauses just made everything sound boring as hell. the delivery here sounds like the three people in my head most of the time LOL .. it means a lot to me that you continue to listen to a guy clearly on the back row

      1. what’s wrong with back row ? Sometimes we gotta wait til heaven to find out the impact a simple bit of obedience to an idea God gives us. You’re on to something with this podcast. Don’t give up. No matter how many don’t just listen yet!

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