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  1. and why do you think this wouldn’t get air play? They are the ” big” CM stations, but there are plenty of small/independent stations that might give it a shot. It’s with researching IMHO

    1. promotion takes money. usually a record company hires someone to push songs to radio.. we’re beyond those days. I’m now independent artist and SCB is not a band nor capable of touring at our age..probably not willing either. I’m simply playing songs that haven’t been heard much. SCB planned this to raise money for Kevins medical but he died. and The style of CCM is no longer in a direction to appreciate the kind of music we did. Thanks for your comments..

      1. Ain’t that the truth!promotion costs money and everything has changed! And music styles have changed. Nobody thinks our music genre is groovy anymore? WHAT the? Lol

        1. Hi Cary thanks for commenting.. I spent three years tryin to decide if I was quitting something to acknowledge the realities.Reminds me of that little book ‘Who Moved My Cheese’. I’ve spent the last 5 years promising a new project that never transpired. until i felt like I was just pretending to be who I used to be. Still maybe it was still a matter of asking God for a new direction.

          1. Ya. I can relate about the changes unwelcome! I hated that cheese book lol. I still find slogans since they are one liners are helpful to accept the things I cannot change. I think at our age we are evolving into what God wants us to do to make a difference using our experience strength and hope. Hopefully I’ve learned something that is share worthy. It’s the delivery that has changed and evolved. Like you. Training for a Different gig?

    1. Hi Again Vance! LOL you sound like me.. I crowdfunded records for almost 10 years. still selling at concerts. But CD’s are a thing of the past as well as most of our procedures in the music business. thanks to Amazon, I tunes and the like songs have been reduced to the price of a gumball. I’m doing posdcasting now as a second job. I love it but I’m not likely to see concerts return to significant income alone.

  2. Now that, my friend, is the sweet comfort my heart needed this morning! I love this song! Would you send me a download? Thank you Bryan. Love you brother.

    1. I knew the tight inner circle of folks would likely have this project. but it was never distributed to the public. I just want to keep my songwriting out there and the podcast is a good way to mix it up, with sermons and prayers you won’t hear! thanks for dropping in KG.. and for hanging around all these years

    1. the album was manufactured but not distributed. I’ve sold the product at my concerts. I just want to continue to let people hear stuff that never saw radio airplay officially. we’re past that possibility now. and this helps me forward my new podcast with a little variety! Podcast is free. but I encourage contributions going forward for songs you might now have. I will be posting all the songs from this.. and sending Mp3 copies out with your request and donation of any size. I’ve also had requests for the hard copy CD which I will begin to process on request and purchase.

  3. I have a couple of copies of this album and gave one to the local gospel radio station. I’m so glad you guys ( The Sweet Comfort Band) got to gether again in Rick’s studios and created this album. ( The Waiting is Over.)

  4. Romans 8 starts out with, there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, our Lord, and ends with nothing can separate us. I live my life with the no condemnation because it is so freeing and I am so imperfect. I grew up with sweet comfort band and have always loved the reminders that Gods time is perfect and to avoid envy and jealousy, to not get trapped in the habit of hate. That God has made a way for us and even Isabel can find God. So many great and memorable songs that encourage me/us to be better and to pursue God! Love you guys. May God truly bless and comfort all who feel the loss of loved ones!

    1. thanks for your comments Steve. with a contribution of any amount to this effort I will be happy to send the songs I post to you upon request. This endeavor is always free and it’s a way of continuing to play my music even as concerts have yet to come back in any strong way. thanks for listening and enjoying the music. there will be more.

  5. Trajedy on an earthly plain does not have the same power as the love of Jesus to lift you up and give the comforter to walk the valleys until you reach the mountaintop. We believers stick together.

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