10 Replies to “No Hide A Keys”

  1. OMG going through moms things after she’s gone is like a scavenger hunt! I know my kids will be saying the same thing about me! They will want to pull there hair out. Can’t just toss things without inspection! Don’t look there look over here! It’s part of earning the inheritance I reckon! lol piecing the puzzle pieces together for meaning. I found what the key in the pretty dish went to eventually! There’s always meaning! Good one!

    1. yes.. Thanks for sayin. Cleaning out my grandma’s house came accross 13 artificial christmas trees.. “i won’t have to buy a tree every year’ she says .. and still did LOL

  2. Have mercy! We recently went through my husband’s parents home after his mom went to assisted living… I have promised my children they will NOT have to deal with a situation like that. Then, I went consignment shopping.

    1. took me days for my grandparents and my folks… I’ve moved too much to have too much. Always good to hear from you Robin! thanks for follwing me into the new frontier! LOL

  3. OMG- “Make sure your Kingdom Keys are in plain sight for your kids to find!”
    These “nutshells” are more and more like a really yummy piece of jerky that I could gnaw on for days and still get something out of it!

    1. you know yer my new best friend cause yer listenin to the way back stuff.. I go back and listen when you comment.. just to see if I’m still being consistent. Thanks so much for the encouragement

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