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  1. You played football?! I don’t know why but that makes me chuckle. Probably the same way that people chuckle when I tell them I did ballet for some 15-16 years!
    BTW, the first Bible verse I remember learning is Numbers 32:23, you can be certain that your sins will find you out. I put that to the test! And every stinking time I tried to get away with whatever the other kids were doing, I’d get caught. Shoot, I’d get caught just THINKING about it! I think that’s why I started believing in God at such a young age.
    Loving hearing your stories, brother. And as always, love you and thank God for you and the influence you are and always have been!

  2. Wow… I was born in ’68… not sure why I felt the need to point that out. I love hearing your story! Life is just plain challenging, and it really doesn’t matter your place in life, I think we have all felt that we didn’t belong. Growing up in a non instrumental, conservative Church of Christ, I knew I didn’t fit. Although I was saved in that church, there was just doctrine I couldn’t reconcile with… unfortunately, I walked my own path for several years, knowing I didn’t fit in any of the stops along that path either. I went to Indiana University (where I first learned of your music and actually met you). Those first couple of years were rough . I tried several churches and ministries. They were all VERY different than what I knew growing up. I did truly find my faith during those years. I recommitted my life to the Lord, and I’ve never looked back! I found what filled that God-shaped hole… I also recognize that isn’t what most people find at a school like IU. I’m eternally (literally) grateful for that.

    Two of my first Christian concerts were at the IU auditorium… you and Carman.

    1. wow I hardly remember playin with Carmen anywhere but ORU .. he was pretty genuine.. came to one of my shows once just to say HI! thanks for bein a friend for so long too

      1. Oh… you weren’t touring with Carman. They were separate times… they were just two of my first concerts. 🙂

  3. I am loving these Jesus music podcasts. I can remember a lot of those songs you mentioned…the Isrealites. I sang the song but didn’t know what an Israelite was!

  4. I remember that time and it was also around the time that Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell come out. I remember someone saying at the time that this was the Hosannah time for Jesus and soon will come the persecution and worse. I believe we are now in the latter times. Conservative Australia in those times and later right through to the 80s took the attitude that all that American so called Jesus Revolution stuff was evil and to be avoided.Took a while here. Thanks for the great insights and you sure remember and sing all that music so well.

    1. interesting though Christians felt we were in the latter times even back then.. and I never saw JC Superstar as a real Jesus moment in time.. it was almost a mockery

      1. Perhaps JC Superstar and certainly Godspell, were a bit more sympathetic to the truth. It was certainly sympathetic to Jesus Christ and ours even had a resurrection scene. Mary Magdalene was black and launched the career of Marcia Hines as well as the rest of the cast.

      2. JC Superstar & Godspell both were instrumental in getting me & several of my friends closer to The Way. I think because the use of the Gospel was woven in the play’s script & songs. As you all know God’s Word goes out “…it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing where to I sent it.”
        Isaiah 55:11
        The Christians heard blasphemy but to those whose empty spirit hears heard bits & pieces of scripture that became seeds embedded in our soul.

        I was 17 years young (1972) when visiting a family friend since I was a baby. This family were strong Christ center people. Their daughter took me to a youth group Bible study with an alter call. I raised my hand because my spirit was yearning for GOD but I wanted to make this commitment at home, in Riverside,CA. My family did not have a home church for at least 7 years at that time. It took 3 more years before my friends Cindy & Ernie Robles (sister & brother) got me to attend Calvary Chapel Riverside when it was that little church up on the hill. Where I dedicated myself to be God’s daughter and met a lot of wonderful people – Bryan Duncan was one of those people. Robert Probert, our assistant pastor at that time introduce us at one of those weekend retreats.

  5. “…located on the wrong side of town.” Hmmm, why is the Black neighborhood considered that? I grew-up on US Air Forces Base housing until my dad was getting ready to retire in the mid 1960’s At that time there were 3 neighborhoods that Black & Hispanic folks were “encouraged” to live as well where realtors would direct our housing search. There were laws that prevented Black/Hispanic/Asian/Jews from purchasing certain houses because it was written in the house deeds. This insured the caucasian neighborhoods to stay unsullied. So for the firsthand time I can remember I was living across Victoria bridge in colored/chocolate town aka The Eastside. It was shocking to me having always remembering living in integrated neighborhoods. What I did not know was how sweet it was to be in that neighborhood. We had true neighbors who would always answer the door & provided a comfortable help/friendship.

    Although, 57 years has passed and my family’s home is still considered the wrong side of town and has changed radically with a larger Hispanic population. It is still home with a few of the original families still on the street.

  6. It’s so funny that as I listen to these podcasts about the ’70s, I realize I’m one year behind you, memories of the songs and the groups, etc. Of course, our lives were pretty different since I didn’t go into music like you did. But I listened to it all the time. And then when Jon and Noonie started the KLife in San Luis Obispo, I got more involved by volunteering in the office and helping with all the concerts that came around, going to Spirit West Coast and other venues. But that was all much later than the ’70s.

    So I did subscribe by email. I’m trying to read my emails every day because sometimes I miss something that’s important, and you and Jon are important. ❤

    1. not sure what the confirmation email looks like but it should come rather quickly.. perhaps from Blubrry.com as that is my broadcast app.. check your spam box too it may get kicked in there.. then just click the blue highlighted link to confirm

  7. Desmond Dekker and the Aces — loved that song.
    I didn’t remember Anne Murray’s cover of Put Your Hand in the Hand — but I sure liked the version by the band Ocean.
    Keep up the good work.

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