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  1. If you remember I just had spine surgery on Feb 16. Talk about a humbling experience..this was the part of my marriage vows that was the “or for worse” part. Hubby has to view me in a whole different way, and I could not help myself one stinking bit. My attitude surley is getting an adjustment. The Lord is healing me slowly very slowly but surely. And thats the way this particular surjery has to be. Yikes!

    1. I know this one Dolores, my family is facing new challenges as well. and all with no miraculous transformations. “Little Bit At A Time” as being about the healing process till now

  2. VIral what??? Surely you would not think I would let that one go.I don’t know if your anatomy is different from the rest of us but costochondritis is inflammation of the joint between the ribs and the rib cartilage and the mesentary is like a large apron attached to the back of the abdomen,near the inside of your spine, that conveyes blood vessels and nerves from the main sources eg your Aorta and main plexi of nerves, to your small and large bowel. Maybe you have a strange from of situs inversus!! Anyway, I’m sure you mean viral pericarditis, for the purists. Anyway, point taken. If you sick, just lie down and shut up!

    1. I’m no doctor.. but I remembered what he told me.. I even had to memorize it so I could tell my friends why I wasn’t gettin back to em! LOL So what I said was what he said.. but I may have heard him wrong about the problem. you don’t forget giant blunders like that one though

      1. Yeah, just giving you a hard time. You don’t have a monopoly on a “sarcastic” sense of humour. I had visions of your innerds being sucked into your chest by centrifugal force or maybe being abducted by aliens! I get the point. Especially men are supposed to be self sufficient not God-sufficient. We are all weak and in need of a God, especially with a viral myo-pericarditis.

  3. Back to the main philosophical points. Jesus taught the Truth in many paradoxes. As you say, it is not in our own strength. The Tower of Babel taught that lesson. It is His Glory found when we cast our frailty on Him. Also Paul said that if we have, be it in goods, services, strength, strength of faith, then we are to give to others who do not have. And it may soon come full circle when we are week. It is the very essence of the Gospel and agape. So Happy Birthday for the 16th.

    1. personally I like to thing of turning 16 on the 70’th! LOL Glad yer enjoying my nutshells. I shall btw add in the future that I may not know what I”m talking about ROFL thinking back on my diagnosis..

  4. As men, we are often trained to be relentless warriors who never admit weakness, injury or defeat. Then, we are insulted for being cold and distant. I appreciate your transparency in these nutshell sermons because it shatters the misconstrued ideas of what being a genuine man actually means. Self care and self awareness are often placed lower on the priority list for us because of these “standards fight for but could not reach.” Bryan, your song “We All Need” demonstrates our frailty as human beings, as men in need of the “redeeming Blood of Jesus.” Along with therapy, (physical and emotional,) and basic understanding from others especially those closest to us. As a man, I’m learning more that I am not a problem to be solved, neither am I the ultimate problem solver. I am learning that it is ok to Need.

  5. yeah, except now we don’t have to stop and ask for directions. we now have navigation apps. While knowing our own weakness is half the battle, sometimes we’re not strong enough to ask for help to fix it. That’s a hard nut to crack!

      1. GPS sure solved a lot of arguments in the car. My wife: just stop and ask for directions, me: no I’ll find it… 10 mins later my wife: stop the car I’ll ask. LOL

  6. I always think about how short your nutshell sermons are… but this one was long considering how I was slapped in the face with the last nine words. They are all I remember hearing at this moment… assuming I quoted it correctly 🙂

    “You won’t get stronger until you acknowledge your weakness.”

    1. I think this whole preacher thing is making me talk longer.. since the Stories of the 70’s I’m takin longer to say stuff.. I’ve gone from peanuts to Walnuts! LOL

  7. “You won’t get stronger until you acknowledge your weakness.”
    So true and what a gentle reminder I needed. Thanks, Bryan.

  8. Excellent! In weakness we are made strong by Him. I smiled cuz it’s never been one of my favorites either. Of course, my husband smiled at the not asking for directions part. He says, Best thing that ever happened is the voice on the GPS telling him where to turn. I agree cuz it takes a lot of pressure off of me. Lol…

    1. LOL .. so yer hubs didn’t laugh at ‘taking a field goal to the nutshells? LOL that’s where I had to stop recording for a few mintues that kinda came out my head from nowhere! ROFL

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