11 Replies to “Dear God Dont Wanna Ask For Directions”

  1. Love this. No one likes asking for directions. And we always seem to take a wrong turn. Then that annoying voice says recalculation. LOL. I can get lost just going where I thought for sure I knew the way.
    And the straight and narrow road is the right path but it never seems straight lol lots of ups and downs. Curves and hills along the way. But I am glad the narrow road is not a dead end!

  2. Had to see this coming. At least Waze warns you of pot holes in the road. He said: I’m the way the truth and the life, so guessin’ his map is pretty up to date.

    1. I’m talkin a lot from my old experiences.. I had to update this prayer because of the absence mostly of any acknowledgement of GPS most people prolly don’t know what a AAA Trip Tick is

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