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  1. Bryan you are gettin pretty good at preachin your Nut Shell Sermons! If you had your own church and moved a little more to the southeast Id join! You could call it ‘Lunatic Lovers Christian Church’…’If you are nutty, tired of religion, and have ‘Stopped Believin’…come on in!

  2. I believe Jesus came for Stop Believers. Stop Believers are believers on pause. They just need a push or a pick me up. Like a great band sang more than once a while back, “You can make it, You can give it your best, You can make it now, You can pass every test, You can make it, You can come from behind, You can make it now, Makin’ up for lost time.” Great episode. 🙂

  3. Stop believers is an interesting term. But you are correct that if we stop something we can start again. Love that God gives us second chances like that. Or millions of chances in my case. I need all His help and grace I can get. And I am so happy Jesus never stops believing in me!
    Love these podcasts!

  4. Love your mini-sermons! As you were talking, I was thinking of a certain “former” Christian rock singer who announced he was “ex-vangical” a while back. I always thought he would be the one to toss his beliefs aside, given he seemed bent on self and not God when singing. But it’s his life. I post these to twitter, so I hope you are okay with that…who knows, maybe one day when we’re all up in heaven (not too soon though…) you might get approached by someone who says, “hey – that thing you said once helped me turn my life around.”

    1. thanks for sharing yer thoughts Jim. Yes, I know several ‘former’ CCM artists that are somewhere else now.. I still think all our cleverness or intellectual advancement is a sad argument when we face the end of our days.. bottom line you only have two options~ I’ve seen former’s began prodigal returners too. And yes i welcome your sharing my nutshells anywhere you can.. its all ‘grass roots’ promotion.

    1. thanks DC.. always good to hear what resonates.. that’s how I started nutshellsermons.. I kept hearing little nuggets of bottom line truths. It’s great to be able to share them with my friends

  5. My hubs is a stop believer- not in God, but in His Family. That last bit about the orchestra got me: I tend to think everyone should be playing the same notes at the same time, but I forget that each one of us is a different instrument altogether and is reading a different line n the sheet music.
    Such a great visual to think on!

    1. why thanks .. thank you for the kudos.. I’m sure I heard that from someone else.. just don’t remember now. cause my brain feels like a closet that hasn’t been cleaned out for 20 years

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