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  1. Well, golly. So much of this resonates with me! From the youthful long-distance relationships, seemingly innocuous giving that changes a life course (your guitar), indirectly experiencing drug culture, all of it. And today, I needed this reminder that God works all those things *ALL* of them, for the good of anyone who loves Him. Jer 29:11 finally became real to me a few years ago and really, every time I’m down, someone reminds me of it. Thanks for the reminder today. I needed it.

    1. gotta tell ya Heather, I tear’d up at the end of this one knowing God uses crap even for my benefit.. and I can’t even mess it up enough for God to give up on me!

  2. B r y an I loved this little message I I girlfriend’s head Christian camp. Oh my goodness did that bring Back memories one of them found me on fb and I have even met her and her husband who I knew from church camp too met me for dinner last year wow what a blast from the past … keep the nut shells coming
    Oh … and I too would play my bass in my room w my records and taught myself some guitar chords too … thanks Bryan

    1. glad my story is resonating.. everyone thought the Jesus movement was all hippies.. I pretended to be one for a long time.. but that’s not my story really.. Thanks for your comments PB

  3. Yes, i find Hope in your podcasts! THANK YOU! Playing the earlier ones & I just love how God times these just right.

    1. Hi again SP! always great to hear from you as a regular friend! it’s been good for me too to look back and see what makes better sense in hindsight! discover that God never let up when I felt like I was going it alone!

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