5 Replies to “Hater Thoughts”

  1. Lol good one. Especially the 11 people you don’t know very well! Haha. My haters don’t like it I remind them they are eating poorly and making themselves sick just by looking at me!

  2. Yeah, my most recent “haters” are impossible for me to hate back- they’re my kids! Not all of them, or at least not all at the same time. HA! It’s been especially painful to be raked over the coals by my firstborn, with whom my apologies about my mistakes during his childhood never seem to be enough. It’s a special kind of pain for this people-pleaser. I can’t stop loving him. Wouldn’t want to if I could. I long to be justified or excused, but I’m still learning that it’s GOD’s grace that’s sufficient. Not my son’s.

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