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  1. Love this! I’m so sorry about your friend, I know He is resting in the arms of Jesus. Keep those Nut Shell Sermons coming Bryan, you rock!

  2. Great song. I really appreciate you posting these and love your sermons. It’s very creative and easy for my ADHD!

      1. No you’re not the only one. I was unofficially acknowledged to have ADHD based on a few adult tails and my nephew was diagnosed when he was 16 years young. From there I learned it’s generally a genetic condition as well. Which explained my incredible mess desk at work that I knew where everything was located. LOL

  3. Just what I needed to hear today. Sometimes the bad things in life threaten to overwhelm me, but this was a good reminder of who is in charge. Remembering that God is rock solid is encouraging. I would love a copy of this song.

  4. I’m gonna have to pull out my Sweet Comfort Band albums. I know you have headings something like, Songs that didn’t make the album, but how about something like the hastags below? It’d be fun hearing why you wrote certain songs.

    Like the stories we read about why hymns were written. Not to add more to your plate, but some sound like you incorporate the information anyway.

    1. thanks for the suggestion.. I’ll consider it.. in some cases like ROck SOlid I didn’t write this one.. I just sang it.. but I have recently talked about writing “I Love You With My Life” and some songs have better stories than others.. so yea.. let’s see how I might add that. I was reluctant because the songs themselves are already 5 minutes long.. I’m tryin to hang people up for too long. But for sure I will add some insights on future songs

  5. So enjoyed this song and especially the message. I remember Kevin from the bands mid 1970’s years. It’s so cool his son was able to help with the complication aspects of the 2013 “The Waiting Is Over” album.

    1. thanks for the time stamp, I couldn’t remember when we did the record. wow the new is older than I imagined!~ thanks for bein here and commenting Nanette. it’s encouraging to me

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