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  1. A lot of music, including yours, helped me through the toughest times of my life. And it always seems that if I am heading in a specific direction, God has other plans. I love these Nutshell Sermons because I can certainly relate. Different paths, same God. Thank you for this Bryan!

      1. I totally enjoyed it ! I’m glad you won the contest. I remember the mid to late 70’s. We’re you scared about preaching. Sorry your Dad passed at that time. He was just getting started

        1. oh my dad didn’t pass away for another 40 years.. but it did change his approach and mine. I made a few other attempts to preach.. but singin was easier.. it fit my poor attention span. forced me to color inside the lines! with this podcast I’m finding a new way to color though.. thanks for hangin around with me!

    1. Thanks MC! I’m starting to remember who I talked to around the internet like yerself.. at least I don’t have to throw the whole world out if I know some other peeps like me!

  2. I remember the 70s. LOL.
    I lived through it almost uneventful. But hey, I’m still here too!
    You might not preach like your dad did it. But you are still giving a message with every song and these podcasts.
    And I appreciate it. Keep coming back! ❤️

  3. It’s funny about your comment when the Christian label was first put to music. Because I think most people think Christians wanted this, to have have their “own thing.” And that IS the case with some believers. However, they actually give warnings and even PG-13 ratings to movies with any true evangelism in it stating it may do damage to children! Crazy insane world! So, it’s always primary been a rejection by the world of anything truly Christian. And they seem to know the difference–even if Christian lyrics in the songs of unbelievers minster to us. Just as THEY can sing Amazing Grace and not bother them, but it can impact us greatly! As you know, BD, JT originally from NC, and wrote about what gave him comfort, even if not truly knowing HIm. “Sail on home to Jesus, won’t you good girls and boys “

    1. thanks for the insight .. I figured JT might be from my local state back then .. I met his brother in the bathroom at a park I played in between Greensboro and High Point… at least he said he was.. looked just like him

  4. Gotta love you Bryan. Fire and Rain is probably the only song I e really sang solo. Because I’m not much of a singer, I did end up taking the other route as a preacher. I’ve been following you since a friend of mine showed up at my house with the first SCB album. Finally some cool Jesus music. Something I hadn’t heard growing up in my small Pentecostal Church of God. Still love you bro after all these years. Love the podcast!

  5. I love how God was leading your life and you go and say “whatever.” I’m learning so much more about you. It’s fun to see how God orchestrates all our lives to where we are today. It’s fun to listen to these nutshell sermons , especially now that I get reminded to. Works like a breeze.

    1. thanks Robin.. yea tellin my story I can see where God had his fingers in everything.. but I didn’t see it.. gives me faith to believe that even as I still can’t see God leading He still is.. all the way to the end for us both!

    1. ROFL Luie B.. oh Yer gonna fit in just fine.. did I tell yo about my drummer tryin to say “I’m enjoying my retirement” and he got it twisted saying “I’m rejoining my entirement” LOL sounds like a better idea frankly! ROFL

    1. Oh I knew you instantly SG! thanks for comin over to check stuff out.. you can subscribe.. it costs nothing.. except for possible suffering my obnoxiousness.. somebody said they didn’t like my “Sportscaster Voice” LOL

  6. Bryan ..you have been such a great inspiration..to not give up
    And we can do this..
    Your songs always lift me up..
    I am so thankful for you my brother in Christ ✝️

  7. God had/has big plans for you, but it’s ironic how they come to be. You have to have realized how your music and now Nutshells are helping people grow spiritually. Keep agreeing to be used!!

  8. As always, a great story, sense of humor and God leading. I was raised Pentecostal too. You know how I feel about you my friend, and you know I appreciate all your music and talents. You had me laughing a lot. Dr said I need less stress and more laughter! Keep it coming!

    1. Hi Bill .. thanks I’ve needed something productive to do in my rocking chair days too. Its taken a long time to find a way forward. Don’t wanna build a church but it’s nice to create a fellowship with you.

  9. Lol man this is the best one yet. I laughed till I cried. I don’t know if that’s the response you like to hear but it’s the truth it was awesome God bless your day bro LOL

    1. no that’s what I wanna hear.. tryin to keep in interesting and not stray too far from the subject matter. little worried about talkin about the car payments on my Pinto! LOL

  10. We are enjoying your stories so much! I know someone suggested you do a book, but so much of your personality would be lost…it would have to be an audio book….which this kinda is…keep ’em coming!

  11. What a wonderful story and so intriguingly told. Can you not hear God calling to you now with the same message: “I’ll not forget you……” And he hasn’t. Bad news is, He still has lots of constrution work for you to do in His Kingdom. And where can I get Sweet Peace of Mind?

  12. Such cool details!
    So fun to see how the things we never recognized were God’s hand at the time were so Divinely orchestrated.

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