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  1. What a rebel you were! And I guess you still are. Really enjoying these podcasts that are bringing up a lot of memories for me, too. I grew up in San Luis Obispo, so the California stuff you talk about may resonate some.

    1. great to know yer enjoying them.. I was starting to get bored tellin my own story! LOL I just finished episode 13 first year of Sweet Comfort as a 3 piece band and how we added a guitarist

  2. GOOD one Bryan! It still never ceases to amaze me our early Christian music trajectories – so much in common and usually Love Song is somewhere in there. Virgil and Chuck were together in the WAY early days before either of them was saved – some great stories there too. We are blessed to have walked this road on this journey of life, right?

    1. Hi Kim really cool that you would stop by, I would play with several guys who weren’t so sure about the Gospel. interesting “The Way” was a CCM Band and also the name of a cult. Making sense of stuff takes a life time, even the best of us have taken more than one off ramp on the straight and narrow LOL

  3. Hey Bryan, I was a SoCal long hair non hippie, too. Got a music degree from Azusa Pacific. Saw Love Song in the tent and had to find out how they got that really cool guitar distortion. Found out it was a small amp with a busted speaker. Those were the days. I never heard Sweet Comfort live. I think you guys were going full tilt about the time I got married and had limited funds for records. But, I really started getting into your solo stuff only about 15 years ago. Now I wind up Alexa and binge. I can testify that the Lord has used your gifts to bless me many times. A Heart Like Mine has become one of my anthems. Bless you brother.

    1. Hi Bob, welcome to my comments fer the first time.. I haven’t heard from someone who was there early and then missed the follow up stuff! LOL eventually you’ll hear the story of my audition to play at the tent by myself.. then meeting the band and how we got started! Keep coming back.. no budget needed to hear this

  4. I have mentioned before that you should write a biography and the stories are such a great quick look into your life but if you get bored feel free to type out long versions of these events

    1. Hi DC I get bored with my own story.. if its longer n 6 minutes at a time! LOL but I am glad you’re gettin something out of it.. there’s so much detail that I just don’t remember . touring was a blur.. a completely mindless blur except for random dissasters! LOL

  5. love these glimpses into your past! maybe they will be the starting point for something longer

  6. I have to say this is definitely my favorite sermon yet. Your honesty and truth is better than anything. Anyone else could have told me about this situation. I absolutely laughed through every single part of this message!Thank you again, Bryan!!

    1. This is a series on nutshellsermons called Jesus N Music.. where I’m tellin my stories of the back years.. there’s 44 episodes starting with Jesus N Music in the 70’s. Glad you enjoyed that one.

  7. A cliffhanger again?!
    I’m loving your backstory, Bryan!
    Your humanness is relatable, but your humorous insights are divine nuggets to shatter my pride.

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