18 Replies to “No Power To Show Off”

    1. Just today I Heard from a guy who was lambasting us for our lack of power to ‘stand against evil’. I don’t get the sense that God’s will is for us to call down fire from heaven on the heathen! No matter how much I would like to.

  1. That’s for reminding me that I resemble many of those descriptions that God warns about and that is why Grace is so powerful! Amen

  2. Problem is, if there is good advice, we often object, not to the content but the “form” it takes, as if that is an excuse. By the way, by entering the podcasts from my email, the “form” I enter, does not allow comments, have to go into the website from my browser. Anyway, the God who dished out fire on a legion and raised children and adults back to life, is the same God presiding over today. Guess who has moved. My own experience of miracles is that I experienced them when I was far less sure of myself. I am trying to get back to that dependence.

  3. This is right on and I like how you said it! God’s got that power not us and I’m glad! He uses us differently than he did the disciples

    1. Hi Lisa, nice of you to comment for the first time! thanks for your attention! LOL there’s a reason he hasn’t given me the power to call down fire! LOL everyone would be toast! ROFL cept fer you of course

  4. My goodness. I can’t eat pizza but I don’t have power as much. Still wearing glasses. Thank you

  5. Once again I’m smacked HARD with a nutshell! Honestly- I’m thinking you’re lobbing these at me like an ornery squirrel! This one is PACKED with nutrition. —- I’m also reminded of the notion that you would make a fabulous jr high preacher. Maybe I should recommend you as a guest speaker for my kids’ youth group.

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