15 Replies to “War In My Mindset”

  1. Yes, i agree with your friend. To be well balanced, have a chip on both shoulders. So hard to surrender to and trust God. Believe me, you are not alone in this constant struggle. Worth it, though. Oh, for weeds, try a weeding wand. Far less backbreaking.

    1. i think my feeling that the world is rigged.. comes from God sayin ‘you will be hated of all nations for my sake’ n ‘don’t be lovers of the world’.. so I’m suspecting sabotage all the time

      1. You’re drowning in it. And yes, the world is rigged. It’s up to us to believe that a bigger hand can take that rigging, produce a tail wind and sail that yacht to a distant shore.

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  2. What’s that verse ? If you think about sinning, you’ve already sinned. Paraphrased of course. Talk about needing to get out of my own head. The mental and spiritual war is far more difficult than any physical battle. It never ends.

  3. Perhaps try Macadamians. Full of nutritional fatty acids, B vitamins and fibre. BUT A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK. ( why could I possibly be considering this simile)

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