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  1. You were braver than I was at your age, but then I have never driven cross country by myself.
    I loved all those singers & groups you mentioned. I rededicated myself back to the Lord in 1976. I was baptized at Calvary Chapel Twin Peaks Retreat. It was a beautiful resort. And then I discovered your music. What year did “I love you with my life” come out? I was in a lot of emotional pain from a break up I didn’t want but knew he wasn’t good for me.

    1. nice to meet you Julie, prolly about time! LOL .. better for a woman anyway to not do cross country alone.. even men these days. Love you with my life has been recorded 3 times over four decades the first release was on Breakin the Ice. in 1978 keep coming back.. I tell the story of the start of the band and the early recordings in the next few episodes

  2. Some of my favorite bands there that you mentioned. I think I still have some of those vinyls. Can’t wait to hear about Sweet Comfort.

    1. Hi RM! I’ve been listenin to a lot of the old songs to remember what was playin back in the time periods… couldn’t always remember the time line but it’s been fun recalling even watched a couple of clips of my old band to see if it jogged any memories for the stories! Thanks for following along!

  3. Wonderful musical recollection. Consider writing musicals, they’re back in popularity.
    “Rocket man!
    Burning out his fuse up here alone.”

    1. wow that was quick thanks for lending an ear AB.. btw I also do audio clips of “Prayers You Won’t Hear In Church” on here from my Book “Dear God.. Really?” I’ll look for yer books in the mail thanks..

    1. HI Heather! I made a career out of runnin around the country.. my folks were like that too all over the map all the time. I finally ran away from home thinkin maybe I could find a permanent local.. never happened! LOL

  4. Ok, loving these stories, bring back tons of memories and helps me learn about the evolution of Christian music. I didn’t know any of the stuff you are sharing so thanks for taking the time to spell it out. Brother had an old Pinto but the family car (6 of us) was a 72 Gremlin. Drove it across a couple of Midwest states at 16 to see a boyfriend one summer. Didn’t know cars had air conditioning back then.

    1. Hi Becca I hope we’ve been friends long enough to shorten your name! or I can keep “RD” glad these offer new insights.. the guitarist for SCB had a red Gremlin! LOL odd band and ugly cars! pretty sure I had air in my pinto.. it wasn’t really great in the desert though

  5. I was surprised to hear that 2nd chapter of acts and randy stonehill were on the radio. I guess there was no christian stations or secular divide. just had to know the dj’s!
    Most surprising of all was that a pinto could go 100mph – that is faith or innocence of youth

    1. yea, there was no Christian stations that I listened to in California.. I was amazed that Mansion Builder was on regular radio, I could see Shut De Do.. and my Pinto could go that fast if you had a long stretch of straight road to get up speed! LOL good to hear from ya’s DC

  6. Loving these trips down memory lane. Mansion Builder is still a favorite of mine. I tend to listen to these stories and the nutshells in bunches so don’t always comment but I’m loving them just the same.

      1. That’s for sure. I think it’s good brain exercise to do it. I’m trying to do it a little more. So much gets lost. In some instances that’s probably not bad lol. But there’s a lot that should be remembered.

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