14 Replies to “Guilt Is A Dog”

  1. I feel guilty , rephrase : I am guilty of many sins on most days if not everyday … LORD HAVE MERCY ..
    Love the Sermon ,
    There Is A Fountain …Kathy Taylor ( Folk Singer ) She Sang That So Beautifully

  2. Yeahbut, Paul confessed that he would plan to do what was right and then do something completely different. He was thrown overboard because his water transport was about to be disintegrated through his disobedience to God’s will. All the prophets were faulty.
    The whole point of the ultimate algorithm is that the Godguy came here and was brutally eliminated ( albeit temporarily) for those who had nothing left to lose.
    Those who are self sufficient and self righteous have no need of this for eternity ( not a favourite choice for a relocation.)
    Not easy to place all our cares and guilt/shame on him, but it is the definitive equation.

  3. Guilt is definitely not such a S.F.O.M.!…By the way, love the old joke about somebody asking a church-goer sitting next to an empty chair…”Is this seat saved?” “No, but it’s under heavy conviction.” LOL…Blessings to you, Bryan!

  4. Biggest problem is learning how to forgive yourself. Sometimes “game” pops up for stuff long in the past. So while God may forget. I don’t. How to move and do better? That’s the effort.

  5. I don’t know, Bryan, but sometimes I feel like you are reading my mind….Maybe guilt is a good thing. At least it keeps us on our toes. It’s probably better than when we stop feeling guilty about stuff we’re still doing. I guess that’s called a hardened heart. I keep praying that doesn’t happen. Keep being honest. It’s good to know someone else thinks the same way I do.

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