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    1. I didn’t mind the power rock stuff I just didn’t think it was my best fit personally.. PT was produced by the Elephante’ brothers and I thought it didn’t sound enough like who SCB was but then SCB was coming to an end

  1. This is my favorite cut from this album. I think your voice is suited to ballads as well as power ballads and rock. SCB reminds me so much of Chicago and Styx. Pretty lofty company. Your music, SCB and Solo, have helped me through some tough times since the age of 14 (1981). In particular your songs dealing with the loss of a child, for which I have lost a son, grandson, and granddaughter, and the hope of seeing them in Heaven. It’s what helps me keep going when the loss seems overwhelming. Thank you for your music that points to the savior and helps lost souls.

    1. wow seriously all that loss was it one accident? or just ongoing loss… WOW. and yea, lot of people didn’t like that I kinda left the heavier rock stuff when I went solo but I knew I’d be singing without a guitarist for years going forward.. Love to hear what you’ve been through with so many losses bryaneduncan@gmail.com

  2. It is 25th April here in Australia, ANZAC day. In a way, this song is appropriate. The day commemorates firstly the date 108 years ago when the Australian and New Zealand forces landed on the shores of Galipole, Turkey in an ill-fated world war one campaign. Out of this a commemorative movement developed and this is the day the country stops to commemorate all our service men and women, much like your day in May. They “All Stood Together.”

  3. Love that bass line. And the lead singer, naturally! But the message is so relevant now. The enemy has succeeded in dividing God’s people, we need to stop arguing about minutiae and All Stand Together.

  4. No matter what you sing, your God given gift is evident in everything you sing. On this song I was hooked from the intro. Thank you for sharing and thanks for who you are and what you do. I’m inspired. God is able to transform and use lunatics like you and me!

  5. You have a great vocals my friend. Personally, I think it’s a good idea that you’re able to do different genres. And you can reach different people. That’s a tremendous gift from God. And you definitely have that. My hats off to you sir! God bless your day!!

  6. You have the pipes for some rock type songs…you just proved it.
    It’s good to get out of your lane once in a while.
    Thanks for sharing my neighbor!

  7. BED, I’m a big fan of your music and still can’t believe someone hasn’t offered you a record deal in this present era. I’ts only since listening to your Nutshell Sermons (which btw are hilariously on point) that I discovered SCB. Wow! Some of the best Rock N Roll ever recorded! You mentioned something about getting all SBC music for a donation? I want to do that. Can you give me guidance on how to request that and where to give? Thank you and Rock On!

    1. yer the first person to learn of my early band from my podcast thanks for listening MY! donate on the main page nutshellsermons.com/Support and in the app request the songs you want.. MP3’s

  8. I’ve been a Fan since the SCB Era. Was introduce to it by a long haired keyboard player. Imagine that. You obviously inspired him too. I seem to like everything you put out no matter the style, including this one. Thank you for giving as God asks us all to do. I look forward to seeing you back in Ohio again.

    1. Man nice to know I made an impression. when covid ruined my concert schedule I had to come up with something productive. I always wanted to be a Radio DJ! LOL this is kinda like a morning show. only the music is sporadic. I used to have to apologise for stuff i said in concert.. now I’ve made a career out of it! LOL thanks for you comments and compliments

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