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  1. Another great Nutshell Sermon
    I love the topic – but not always sure why? Nostalgia certainly is part of it. The back stories from you and others has really amplified the message and importance of that time in our lives and in history. I think also, the more crazy, the more absurd and the more sinful the world becomes – the more desire there is to latch on to something, even just a memory of once was, and hopefully could be again.

    Baskin-Robbins (31 Flavors) forever! 😉

    1. thing is lot o us peeps from those days are still here still serving Jesus.. it just doesn’t get the coverage .. good to hear from you “William Morris” like the agency! I’ll member you pretty easily in the future.

  2. Great memories from 70’s. I was introduced to Love Song in the early 2000’s when Pastor Chuck got the band back together and toured with them. They have/had the best harmonies of any band. We still occasionally bust out the CD’s when we go on road trips. Just plain old good music.
    I wonder if churches brought back concerts if it would have the same impact as It did back in the 70’s.
    Thanks for sharing another piece of your history with us!

    1. Hi T E it’s not like Jesus to do the same thing in the same way.. look at his healing technique .. pretty creative most of the time.. so I don’t think the old days are coming back.. those were our special times!

  3. Hey man, it’s very inspiring to hear about your past and how you got started and all that. Glad you’re sharing those times with us. I’m a 70s guy myself, but, I was not interested in gospel music until the late 70s.

  4. Even Vanguard brings back memories. Except not like yours. My niece actually went there a few years ago and graduated from there. Baskin-Robbins! They even spelled Robbin right. Good memories of good bands that I listened to. Yes, Love Song was really good. Getting closer to Sweet Comfort days, huh?

    1. next one is Jesus Music B4 the Name, then ‘auditions’ where I start singing at the tent meeting Kevin and Rick. three weeks from now ‘startin SCB’

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