14 Replies to “Bible Roulette”

    1. well 1 word out of 500.. is pretty good.. this one took a while.. tryna keep em entertaining and enlightening.. is a tough sell.. thanks for listenin too B.. means a lot no joking

    1. Sorry to hear bout your maladies and foibles JE.. there’s no late charge either way LOL .. I’ve been fighting allergies mostly.. stay healthy my friend and thanks for supporting my new concept

    1. Hi Jamie, LOL I hope the prayers are helpin me.. I can’t tell. Cass has an apointment with a neurologist yet again.. this is #6 pray we can get something done

  1. black 27 – on the roulette wheel of life I like to think I’m a gambler going all in for God but some days I feel like my daily bets are loosing. should’ve place my bet on red17 however I must remember the house alway wins. thankfully I’m in God’s house.

  2. I can’t say it enough: humorous notes that pack a serious spiritual punch. Love it. The spoonful of sugar makes a world of difference. Really can’t get enough of your sermons.

      1. I can’t help it.
        I don’t want to miss a thing, and my attention span for BED is typically longer than 5 minutes. Ha ha ha. It’s pretty easy for me to binge-listen when I get a chance- I’m tryin’ to catch up to the present!!

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