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  1. Impressive. I always wondered about celebs. How to maintain that outer look of success, but inside kind of a mess. Read about it all the time How someone famous has a meltdown.. great artists. Toto!!!! Love that band….

    1. Thank you for jogging my memory of all the music you and the names mentioned filled a good part of my life secular and Christian ✝️

  2. That’s why you are a rock star.
    Love these stories.
    That $80,000 would probably be $1M in today’s inflation lol.
    Good memories

  3. I loved this. Thank you Bryan for carving out a little time and sharing a slice of your life. I love you my Brother!!

    1. man we haven’t even got to you yet dude.. yer a cut above all these guys I’m serious. sometimes it’s just right place right time! Just wait! yer comin soon… and btw if you got any side pictures of work on NehoSoul Christmas or Still Dancin’ I’d love to have a copy! bryaneduncan@gmail.com

  4. Hood Ornament on a Pontiac! That’s gold. The players on that album! The Horns! …And you brought back that scream right out the gate with “Ain’t no stopping now”. Can’t wait for the next installment. I’m surprised Word allowed that long of an album title. Lol. They reeled you back in and only gave you one word title on the next. “Mercy.”

    1. that story is in the next episode.. I wanted to call the project “Lunatic Friend” but it sounded like a possible assassination of God’s character rather than my story of “I have a friend and he has a problem” LOL

  5. Bryan, Listening to your journeys of different musicians brings me back to attending some huge Christian outdoors gathering in Seattle,Washington Summer. 1979. It was a good time and I can not remember who was performing but I do know I did it. I took the Greyhound Bus from Riverside to Portland,Oregon (24 hours on that bus!) to visit a close friend from my RCC days that I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. My current friends from CSUN were all in Seattle and decided to spare me the 12 hours of another bus trip and drove down to pick me up & back to Seattle, Washington in 6 hours.
    As per requested to come to the comments section and sign-in. Your Twitter/X friend ~NanetteKapi~

    1. Hi Nanette thanks for following thru.. I’m starting to be familiar with your name too thanks for the support here and on Twitter. I’m on there pretty much everyday. see you there for the conversations RCC? I lived only a few blocks from that school .. saw Kansas the band at the auditorium there as well

      1. I am totally enjoying our short spurts of dialogue we are exchanging. I don’t know how I missed all those up & coming bands/singers while I was a theater major at RCC – but hearing Kansas locally must have been fun.

  6. Opening that cd and looking through the liner notes was unbelievable to me for a Christian artist back then. I would like to think many non believers hear the Gospel message through the music because it is always recommended on other groups that follow Jeff or Nathan or any of the other players. Not sure when you tracked this album but it had to be one of the last that jeff did before he passed. It has been a while since I looked at who played on it. Did not remember Tim Pierce probably because I didn’t know who he was. Now I follow his youtube channel. Warms my heart to hear all these stories and here how to correctly pronounce the names. Did you record vocals after the music was tracked or on demos the players listened to? hoping these guys got to hear you sing and the final package.

    1. Hi DC yea, Jeff died maybe six months later I think. we did have a scratch vocal and basic demo for the musicians to hear yes.. and yea good to have interactions with outsiders! unbelievers or whatever.

        1. not sure about Dan Lee Huff. ? Huff played on stuff too.. so maybe there’s two guys.. I don’t remember everybody.. even here I had to go back and read the credits. some guys were on future projects as well.

  7. My goodness, Bryan you’ve namedropped some pretty impressive players on this one. When I met you at the prison in Jamestown you were there with Rick Warren. I think your latest cd at that time was Blue Skies. The first thing you said to me was “You probably thought I was dead”. Of course I am a longtime fan, I knew you weren’t. You said you were working with celebrate recovery at times. I hope and understand if you don’t, I’d like to hear about the downside of it all. You spoke of it very briefly when we met. I went through my own downside that only God could pull me out of.

  8. This 1 made my head spin. Bein a 70s, 80s kid it was fun keepin up with the names.
    Big move for ya. Their remasters on spotify sound great too.

    1. Spotify has not been kind to artists though. I hope to get my music back in one place like with this list bit.ly/bryanchristmas .. next year I’ll start bring all my songs to one location that doesn’t steal my songs

  9. Being a Trumpet Player & Jazz-Fusion Lover, i Couldn’t Believe the Line Up on Lunatic Friend.
    I said to myself, Bryan has Rocketed to the Stars ! So Very Blessed*

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