28 Replies to “Nobody Falls Into The Spirit Of Christmas”

  1. Another good one, Bryan. I really miss the Christmases when my kids were growing up. Listening to Christmas albums and watching our favorite Christmas movies is fun but ut’s just not the same. boo hoo! Christmas blues.

    1. SFOY.. I see what cha did there.. thanks for walkin with me to the end of days.. uuuh which might be tomorrow! LOL Merry Christmas I’ll do somethin cheerier maybe .. also the next episode of Jesus n Music is only half done! first record Ima need two episodes to cover the song content

  2. “Fall into the Christmas spirit.” Man, it’s so funny that you posted this at this time. I’m sitting home alone with the tree brightly lit and thinking about how lonely it is today here in the Felts house. Even listening to Christmas music today hasn’t helped me “fall into” it.
    Could it be that the Christmas spirit isn’t so much an actually entity as a mindset? And we all know a mindset is a choice, isn’t it?
    Thanks for putting this out today, and the jazzier/bluesier the Christmas music the better in my books. Merry Christmas Bryan!

    1. Hi Dave.. I haven’t texted much this weekend or posted on stuff.. harder to do that and fly around the country. I think Chains song you asked about is on Still Dancin’ might have to just send ya that one.. good lyrics though and fun to write with Bob Carlisle

  3. Happy holidays…. notice all those values songs are about missing family or someone. Moral of the story is to be with family…..

    1. yea, MK, we take all that for granted when its here from our earliest age. Lets jump into the Christmas season .. good time to remember the main thing and it’s not jingle bells!

  4. Your song “This Christmas” is the best, so much so I posted on my Facebook page. The lyrics reflect my desire for my friends and family. “… it’s want I want for you”. It is a sentiment we should all desire and share. I can’t help but be inspired and feel good when I hear that one!

  5. Merry Christmas Bryan, it’s been fun and very interesting following you for the last couple of years.!! And again Merry Christmas to you and Cass and your family!! Bryan From the south.

  6. Enjoyed lstening to you sing blips of other songs, and as you went into the Elvis version of Blue Christmas I’m thinking, ohhh yeah man I’d love to hear Bryan do that! Then when you switched to the Porky Pig version I nearly passed out from the laughter! (It’s one of my favorites too!) I’d love to hear you do either version if I’m honest. Thanks for the smile today – I needed that. Merry Christmas to you and Cassie and your family!

  7. Never would have believed that after many years of wonderful family celebrations it would turn completely around. Just a quiet time every year alone. Hard to keep focusing on the real reason we celebrate.

    1. Really? wish you could join us.. I’d have you over! truth is there’s no tellin from year to year what we’ll be facing.. I can still follow Jesus even when I’m not feeling it! I appreciate you and your situation too.

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