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  1. Bryan wow! That song is so beautiful! It takes me back to my childhood Christmas’s. I pray you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. I’m just curious if you sing to them on Christmas? For me, that would be the greatest gift I could think of!

    1. Hi Sherry thanks for stoppin by.. My kids and grands are kinda used to me.. I don’t often sing to them. But my oldest grand daughter hears me sometimes at church.. she seems to warm to me more after the service! LOL they do know I scream pretty loud in my studio! LOL

  2. I’m looking forward to hearing the updated version, though, I seriously don’t know how you could improve on the original. It’s so gorgeous!

  3. Merry Christmas again, Bryan. You know I’d love to have both of these songs. This one made me think of “An Evening in December ” with First Call….gorgeous!

  4. Hey Bryan D! This is one of my favorites of all your fantastic Christmas songs. Love this new version. I’ve been enjoying your stories about your records. They were the soundtrack of my late teens, twenties, and beyond, so it’s cool to hear the back stories. Love you, friend. Thankful for how God has used your songs in my life. – Jimmy D.

      1. Yessir! That’s me. So glad to continue to be blessed by your (not so) anonymous confessions. Thanks for sharing your story and His Story with us. (Also, can I get a link to this song?)

        1. No.. I send you the Mp3 don’t need a link! check yer inbox .. and because youve supported everything I do for 20 years at least… ask for any song I post on Nutshell sermons and I’ll send you a copy.. it’s better than a prayer cloth! LOL

  5. Wow! When did you record this? I was just listening to this a couple days ago on you big Christmas album. such nice arrangements. please pass along the mp3. it will be a cherished gift!

  6. Friend, there is not a day we do not listen to something you have to say. You speak volumes for many who don’t know what to say, or just thought they were out in the boonies with some of their thoughts and questions. You are a great encourager to many. keep up the expressions from the heart. They mean a lot to many. 🙂

    1. is this Steven Davis? or should I expect another! LOL I was going to put this email in my records but it should be the right guys addy! ? I’ll only sell yer identity for what I can get for it! LOL

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