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  1. I am so so excited to learn about how this album specifically came to be. This entire album has been my go-to for much of my life, and combined with Don’t you wanna rap, it’s helped me see that I’m not the only one seeing/feeling/having these questions. It’s helped me keep the faith. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story!

  2. Wow! I’ve always loved this project; perhaps more than any other. Really cool to hear what you were going through at the time you were writing it.
    I’m glad you’re my lunatic friend, it makes me happy to know I’m not the only one.
    Fave lyric from the title song is, “You see, he’s been accosted by the local self righteous vigilante, in the name of God with. scripture or two…”
    Thanks for sharing, looking forward to next Thursday.

  3. Love this. And it is so true that when we have issues we should be able to go to church for help. But many times people don’t want to hear it. I am grateful to be in a great church though that does better than some I have attended in the past.
    We are all lunatic friends and we all need Jesus!! Can’t wait to hear the rest of this one!

  4. Hey B, thanks for sharing again, and looking forward to part two. Glad to be a neighbor and not a telephone pole!

  5. I seriously went back and had to listen to “Ain’t no stopping now”.
    Love hearing the scream. I know you said you had to learn some new vocal technicas. Was that hard doing screams again in that song? I Love all your commentary. It’s really weird that pastors and leadership didn’t get it but man us fans sure did. Your listeners could relate to “Im living this Christianity but man have I got some holes in my boat!”. Lol. I think now even in my older age and growing up Pentecostal (which I love), I question motivations including my own. So much theatrics going on in the church world but I really desire the authentic. That’s what you brought to the listener. Good, the bad and yet God’s faithfulness in spite of our completely flawed nature. Thank you Bryan for delivering what few in CCM dared to do..

    1. me too Ron.. I wanted authentic.. thing is if you find it once you start tryin to repeat that same scenario and that’s what happens to church world… prolly often copying something that Was authentic in the moment.. we turned it into a routine.. LOL

  6. I’ve never been a fan of therapy. I never understood why people go to their pastor of help. It’s not like he has a PH.D for this. I stopped looking for advice a long time ago. I normally get it from lyrics or one liners I hear. My wife said to me if you have a doubt about something, then you should probably double check yourself. It would be good to talk to someone, but can’t seem to find that person I trust. There’s a song title for you “Just between me and you” God’s the only that can be trusted… anyway love the underlying message…. thanks and happy holidays…

    1. finding a trustworthy person to talk to is key! My experiences were sanity saving in my case. Insights I would never have found. There were 3 different ones that became close friends after that! and of course like you said finding insight in one liners or something someone said .. I call em “God winks”

  7. I also was that guy that was on the worship team and led men’s Bible studies putting on a different face during the time. Filling out the questionnaires correctly while being vetted before being able to serve in ministry. I didn’t hide anything from God. I left my position on my own without anyone knowing what was really going on inside of me. I needed to put it all aside and allow God to clean me up. He still isn’t finished with me and like you the experience s inspired much of my song writing. I can relate to much of what you write about. I appreciate your willingness to expose yourself, it is fresh air.

    1. Thanks Gord.. prolly why I just couldn’t start a formal church.. I understand having to draw lines and enforce behavior. But I’ve never seen any healing in the environment! Maybe its just not made for that.

  8. You are a curious lunatic, I enjoy listening to your quips and yarns almost as much as listening to your music.
    From personal experience I can agree that finding someone you can trust to talk to about anything becomes more difficult as the years pass and the church is not the place to find them, imo.
    Getting old ain’t all it’s cracked up to be either, but it’s better than getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick.

  9. Hey My friend…love the insights to the album, we share a similar childhood, except you can sing…still can sing. I was born in the church ,earliest memories are in church. Still I ran from it most of my life. Some Christian musicians though like yourself would get through to me occasionally. And met this beautiful young lady taking tickets at the Holy Rolling tour…lol still married by God’s grace some 34 yrs later. My older brother who became a pastor himself ,never gave up on me and was alway encouraging me first introduced me to sweet comfort back in the 70’s (8 tracks of course) . And God kept me coming back again and again till I “finally found what I was looking for”. Now into my 60’s I just be came a elder in my church…lol. I feel very under qualified..lol but God is the qualifier, right. Well to keep it in a nutshell, God keeps even us lunatics, promises to and he keeps his promises…thanks for listening

  10. Bryan, I wanted you to know how much you’ve impacted me. My introduction was SCB in 1981. I’ve followed you because I love the message and the soul-infused melodies. Thank you for the musings, ministry, and music. PS. I had to re-listen to the whole album.

    1. Nice of you to sign in O C! thanks for the encouragement never saw this new phase of my life coming.. podcasting. I didn’t do it cause I didn’t want to attempt an hour long thing on a regular basis

  11. Listening to these Nutshells in backwards order…
    Now at 60, at the start of the 4th year of Therapy to make sense out of my life (not substance abuse) ; i Really Appreciate You Opening Up Your Chest Cavity •

  12. As a pro session drummer myself, I have to ask: How was working with Jeff Porcaro on the Lunatic project? Also- Did any musicians ever want to talk to you about your faith during the sessions? I have a few musicians that seem to be searching and sometimes ask me how I “hold it all together” sometimes and my role as a Jesus lover. I feel the Lord places me in these spots just as an opportunity to share my faith. And although “I’m no Saint myself”, sometimes I feel I’ve planted little seeds to these musicians. Just was wondering what your thoughts and experiences were/are. Thanks Brother!

    1. Hi Tim, Jeff Porcaro we really easy going.. he was drawing pictures of Ninja Turtles, sittin with my two boys between takes in the studio lobby.. he brought the new lead singer down one day because he knew who I was. In the studio he was flawless.. we would have him do an extra take but really he never needed that. I never had any of the musicians really ask me about my faith.. Tower of Power horn section guys made a crack about spending their money on sin.. when I handed them a check. and James Pankow from Chicago was laughing on the phone when producer Peter Wolf said he was workin on a ‘christian project’.

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