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  1. Well done sir. It’s a shame how we treat each other in Christian circles.
    My way or the highway theology has never helped anyone come to know Jesus, and the inability to own your own story and be able to share honestly with the world is why people think there are so many hypocrites in the Church.
    We don’t need to wander the Earth burdening everyone we meet with our baggage, but we should be able to tell our story in order to help others with their own story.
    I remember talking to a Pastor about pornography when the internet started to take off. His only response was, and I quote, “Men who look at porn are weak.” I determined right then and there I would never be able to ask him for help because apparently I was just a weakling.
    Thanks again for sharing your stories, they’re helping me with mine.

  2. I think honesty is a great and humbling thing Bryan. Those of us on the outside looking in always held the CCM musicians as being perfect and without sin, but I’m 59 now and realize that it just wasn’t true… so I appreciate this sermon brother because you’ve owned it and made yourself real.
    Humility and obedience are what God wants from us. Having our names written in the Book of Life and escaping the second death is vitally important as I’m getting older and realizing my mere mortality as a vapor.

  3. The one thing that stuck out is asking for forgiveness for sins, but not able to forget them.. seems I find myself asking for forgiveness for the same ones multiple times. Music is one of the few things that makes me think deeply, and inwardly..

  4. I saw you post about this specific Nutshell Sermon, and listened today in eager anticipation. This album holds a special place in my heart. I found it interesting the message you gave me in “Blessed Are The Tears” that “Tears fill in what words can’t say.”

    I went back and re-listened to that song with specific intention…
    and God will send a merciful Peacemaker. Comforter of all those who mourn.
    Great lyric for this Lunatic Friend right here. Thank You Bryan!

  5. Truly Brutal, in a Good Way…
    So Fast & Furious, the Words of Truth coming at us like a Machine G_n*
    I bought all of your Solo releases up until Mercy, then i lost track, unfortunately.
    You are a Jewel

    1. Thanks glad you found my new endeavor here.. talkin bout Mercy next but wait theres more.. on the way to Slow Revival and Blue Skies and Quiet Prayers and Christmas is Jesus, then Joyride and Still Dancin’ we’re not even half way LOL

  6. Bryan, “Blessed are the Tears” isn’t just for those who have been sexually abused, because those who have been mentally and physically abuse need to release the tears also. I remember seeing a video and then crying my eyes out because the video reminded me of what I went through (all my life), I guess I was just an easy target. Thank you for all of your music.

    1. I get it Brad.. thanks.. it was just those poems and pictures that started the inspiration.. sometimes we don’t know how many tears we’ve stored up until someone triggers the plug

  7. Yes, as you know, We All Need is my very favourite song of all time. I sang it one time at a Chrsitmas concert in a town that was corrupt and persecuted me for my front-foot faith.People went to church there for show. The aboriginals in town were excluded and they had my ear. At the end of the song the hall was deathly quiet. I had hit my mark. Blessed are the tears is truly a precious song. I had no idea of the depth of its inspiration.

  8. I am also the son of a Pentecostal preacher. I always noticed how true it was that “Christians are the only army that shoot their wounded”. That just goaded me on to keep pretending until my sins almost destroyed me. These lyrics of yours enunciate the feelings I have been struggling with in my faith. If I would have had the guts, I might have stopped pretending a bit sooner. When I couldn’t get through the Blue Skies cd without crying, I knew I had to start living my life more honestly. Hearing the story behind each song makes them resinate more strongly. Thank you.

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