18 Replies to “Love You The Way I Love Me?”

  1. I’m not sure, but I feel I feel I just set through Abbot and Costello’s “Who’s on First?” bit with this one.
    Living others as I love myself? Yeah, missed the mark on that one…again.
    Thanks for the encouragement Bryan, and showing us that this life is to be walked out, not just taken for granted.

    1. That’s what I thought too!
      Brother Bryan knocks another one out of the park. And I still don’t know who’s the short stop.
      Wait a minute! Who’s On First!

  2. Lol. Repeat that 3 times fast. Lol
    I think we want to be loved in the way we want it . We still have lots to learn about love

  3. You had me; then ya lost me.
    (And I have seen SO many Abbot and Costello over and over), I think i under the baseball player bit when I was in Jr High 79

  4. love the nutshell sermons. always good stuff. or good-ish. ROFL always the battle of narcissists vs the enabler in relationships when the goal is mutual respect, consideration, and serving the needs of the other. while trying to crucify the flesh, you still want to be appreciated. the tightrope walking that mess is full of tension. in that battle currently. as an enabler, when do i get my chance at being the narcissist and what does God think of my wish? the Lord keeps bringing me back to the word: covenant. *sigh*

    1. wow haven’t stopped thinkin bout ‘goodish’.. now it occurs to me that I did say I wasn’t a preacher but sometimes I think I’m tryin to be one and sound more brilliant than I am. Glad yer commenting btw. appreciate the support.. Thanks RLQ

      1. i was messin’ with ya. trust me you’re more ‘brilianter’ than me, but with talent. seriously all these years of listening to your music and i often feel like we’re ADHD brothers from other mothers. i’m glad you’re out there and able to sculpt some lyrics that ‘splain my life. i was talking to my mrs about trying to find a way to get you to the DFW area. i’ve appreciated your music and ministry a lot longer than you’d like to admit and i’ve never got to see you in person yet. i say ‘yet’ because at some point it WILL happen. my preference is this side of heaven before we hear a sanctified version or Rock-n-Roll Heaven.

  5. Yep and..
    Until the pain of change is less than the pain of stayin the same people won’t change they will just stay the same.

  6. Yeah, but Jesus changed this to Love one another as I have loved you. And he laid down his life to our brutality. So there is the real infallible standard. Noone suggests it’s easy but something to aim for on a daily basis.

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