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  1. We all need forgiveness for trying to run the show. However, most of our show is a consequence of our mistakes. God’s just trying to get us back to his plan and purpose. Your music has helped most of us get through our situations, so I’m hoping you realize how vital you’ve been to help the body of believers function. God’s will be done, one day at a time.

    1. Hey nice of you to comment Carol. spent my career mostly reaching people I didn’t know.. but my new calling here on Nutshells is to reach out to you who can relate to my familiarity with scripture and God’s purposes.. thanks good to have you on here

  2. You’ve put a dent in your own way by people who listen to your music and come to the Lord through that. At least that’s something. And maybe my work with the youth group has helped in a little way, too. For some reason lately I’ve been adding to my prayers, “if it’s your will, Lord”. But I wonder if I mean it or if I’m just kind of tacking it on now.

    My mother-in-love, in the last few days of her life, kept saying, “it’s all in God’s time and I’m ready to go Home.”
    (Okay, let me cry for a couple of minutes here.)

    Okay, I’m back. In the hospital, my husband was holding her hand and she kept quoting verses while she was still a little bit awake. And as with me, she quoted the 23rd Psalm. And at the end of it she always said, “the Lord is my shepherd, the Lord is my shepherd.” And I’m just thinking how He took care of her, and was there with her and she knew it.
    We try to imagine how she may have entered heaven. She could barely walk, but we were thinking maybe she ran to her Father’s arms like a photo Dan’s family found of a woman running to Him. As humble as she was, I could just see her bowing and adoring Him. But also, she loves singing, mainly the hymns, of course, but just loved singing for Him. She will be missed, of course, but she’s out of pain and where she wants to be.

    1. Hi Robbin yea we’re all taking notes on a passage we will all take.. I too would like it to be the best experience I could have.. who knows my death is just a curtain made of paper mache’ prayin for strength for your family who will live awhile without her

  3. Hi Bryan. Good nutshell sermon. I get it… lll… I wanted to share what I recently saw. I found this a “gem ”
    When you get what you want that’s God’s direction. When you Don’t that’s God’s protection. Love hearing from yA !
    All the best to you and your family !! in 2024 !!

    1. oh that’s a good nutshell right there Margie! good to see you and actually know you in person.. I hear from you more than your daughter LOL .. and hey thank you for staying in touch!~

  4. That’s so true, Brother Bryan, especially over forgiveness. When someone does me wrong, I say to God: “Get to them before I do. Or I’ll just mess it all up again.” And this: “Get your hands on them before I lay hands on them. I’ll do it Nehemiah style, not New Testament style.”

    Maybe I’m off on a rabbit trail, but I think over 70 percent of our prayers are over relationships of all different kinds. Even with our own flock. God Bless You!

  5. Heh Bryan, keep preaching practical and personal Bible-based words of wisdom.
    It makes up for some of the simple Sunday sermons I’ve been hearing lately.
    This Nutshell reminded me of the Lord’s Prayer where Jesus teaches us to pray, “Let my will be done on earth as it is in heaven …” or something like that doesn’t it?
    Oh never mind, I always seem to get it backwards too eh?

  6. Attitude…something I have been struggling with lately. And wondering why He doesn’t seem to answer my prayers for others and their need to get things right with Him fast enough. Wondering if there’s something I should be doing to speed things along, confused about what that could be and then remembering that He has His own timing on things. Thanks for this this prayer and the little nutshell that’s attached. It helps to know I’m not the only struggling to see things from His point of view.

  7. Nothing more encouraging than coming back to a minister like yourself after years, even decades and seeing they have endured faithfully. They kept the faith – it validates and uplifts literally everything they have done before. Paul’s writings still minister to us today – I’m sure it will be the same for your music in the future. It will keep producing fruit long after you are gone.

    1. Well hi Smitty great that you found me over here in this little hole in the wall. there’s a reason God doesn’t tell you what you’ll be doing in 10 years! wouldn’t a seen this comin… nice of you to sign the guest book here Thanks.

      1. Thanks Brian. There’s not a big market for Truth out there – but it always seems to outlast everything else. The words of the wise are heard more in quiet…

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