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  1. “A huntin’ pecker.”
    Oh my gosh, I about spit out my mouth full of Coke Zero when you said that.
    Great episode sir, I mean it when I say, I really look forward to Thursdays now.

    1. LOL .. hard for me to include some of my ‘colorful’ language mistakes.. without horrifying the general public. in fact there’s a couple o Prayers you won’t hear in church that you might not hear here either! LOL

    2. Commercial Christianity jumped out. Have ya noticed the Jesus Commercials during the football games? Using Jesus to justify the Acceptance culture campaign. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. The whole segment, if I understand it, is not so much about the music, but facing the reality of ourselves,who we are, and moving forward step by step, Verses the image we’re expected to be…. The question is: Who is the man I’m supposed to be?

      1. I follow Jesus for a clue to the man I long to be.. I’d like to be weakness free LOL and yea, that commercial “Jesus Gets Us” ? I don’t think that has any point. other than he’s a need guy lookin for a few friends LOL

  2. Au contraire, mon frere, if memory serves me correctly you did perform looks a lot like me at a concert I attended when you had a band with you! You had the audience say the looks a lot like me line

    1. LOL I stand corrected it mighta happened that one time.. when I had a better keyboard guy! LOL I just remember not wanting to do it live! and you can hear why! thanks .. don’t tell anybody LOL

  3. likely this is my favorite album followed closely by Holy Rollin’. but truth be told, i love all your music. and i will never compare my piano playing to your description. i had to pause this because it caught me off guard and i had to take a few minutes to stop laughing so hard. keep sharing. this is awesome stuff. or to help keep you humble, “awesome-ish.” 😉

    1. ROFL why is it the guys always laugh hysterically.. I worry about my reputation when I tell those kinda stories .. I figured maybe if I roll by really fast nobody well be horrified! LOL glad yer laughing! thanks for encouraging my deviant side or maybe forgiving it! LOL

  4. Love the Mercy project.
    All the songs are amazing but the ones I love the most out of these choices are
    I’ll Not Forget You.
    Faithful to You.
    Love Takes Time.
    The song I’ll Not Forget You just about makes me cry each time.
    It moves me.
    Sorry you were getting humbled and didn’t realize how much the Mercy project was selling haha.
    I love your stories thank you for sharing them. It’s like sitting on the back porch having some sweet tea and listening to the songs and the behind the scenes. Love it

    1. next episode is the stories behing the sad songs .. they’re a different kind of stories! so I save em for one episode Thanks “O Linda”! you’re now an Irish woman LOL

    1. LOL Thanks for sharing.. I’m thinkin how could you possibly like me if you hate Sarcasm.. that has been my career downfall.. I haven’t been sincere enough. yer the third to say you laughed at that comment. these things happen.. and sometimes even on the radio

  5. I just looked up Dichotomy on Wikipedia and got more than i bargained for, worth a geise: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dichotomy . Well the dichotomy in all of this is that our lives and everything in them are not our own, but His. It is like Orwellian “doublethink” to consider otherwise. But it is a daily struggle, or to work out your faith with fear and trembling, or to travel on an exponential curve that graduallly approaches His perfection (y=logex).

  6. My Lunatic Fiend, they say great minds think alike, but in our case, it must be deviant minds.

    I gotta re-listen to this one, ’cause I was still ROFL’g to one shot across the bow, while the next one was being fired. But after just 1 take, I’m thinking about why we never sing the memorable old classic hymns and gospel songs from the psalter hymnal church pew books anymore in church. The worship band performers take old songs and mix’em all up with different tempos and insert some alternative lyrics so you’re off-balance for 3-1/2 minutes lip synching, and it’s nothing memorable to comfort you when you’re cold & alone with your troubles in the dark sometime later in the week. Nothin’ like an old-time Southern Gospel song with a catchy chorus to re-energize your spirits when the Spirit moves eh?

    Maybe it’s just me, but i’m thinking that a stirring rendition of “It is well with my soul”, or “Just as I am”, or “How Great Thou Art”, or you get my point, every Sunday would do more than 20 mins of vanilla elevation muzak.

    And by the way, since we never pull the songbooks out of the pewholders, why do we even put them out next to the pew Bibles (which also never get opened because everything is conveniently projected on-screen)?

    So todays youth don’t learn how to read music, or find anything in a printed Bible. I know it is hard to juggle a mocha latte expresso dark roast cuppa java and finger through a Bible or Hymn Book. That’s why we try to be seeker sensitive and make Christianity convenient so that the non-believers will be stormin’ the doors to get in, I suppose it’s logical. Just don’t be sittin’ in my favourite pew eh?

    I’m a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.

    God be with you ’till we comment again ok?

    1. Bob And Doug? you were Red Green a minute ago.. so I guess you CAN change. I’m thinking yer a Canadian too.. eh? dude you should have yer own podcast!!! LOL not sure you have as many demons in yer head as I do but maybe we could have a playoff this week and make people subscribe to that! LOL Thanks for speakin yer mind .. yer welcome

  7. I can truly relate to the comments you made at about 2:45 into this message. How we only sing songs that flatter God and talk about the highpoints of the Christian life. It is the same thing I find lacking in the modern Praise and Worship, CCM “movement. Like we all live from mountaintop to mountaintop experiences, and there are no valleys. I much preferred the realism of many of the songs written in prior decades, that talked about the difficulties, losses and life experiences. As Christians we are not immune to the maladies of this world, we just have a divine connection in how to deal with them….Although, somehow we are never supposed to admit that we suffer from things like depression, anxiety, marital discord, etc., But I see validity in Christian music that reflects reality, much like Blues music. Like B B King said, Blues is not the music we sing when we’re feeling Blue, it’s the music we sing to get out of the Blues. Or something to that effect. Anyway, just another not from me E Alejos in San Antonio, TX… God Bless you Brother, I am really enjoying this reminiscing of what was behind your music, why you wrote the lyrics you did.

    1. thansk E.A. I’m going to the descent of my career at this point too… not sure how to word a lot of stuff that happened in my careers decline.. so thanks for the encouragment!

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