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  1. And why is it that we don’t like some of the people that we know God loves? If we’re pointing out there faults, you got 3 fingers pointing back at you. And maybe the fault you see in them is something that is in you and you don’t realize it. Have you heard those sayings before?

  2. There are people that I don’t like that God loves, but that’s because I’m not God. I feel I’m growing in grace daily, but I’m not there yet.
    I feel to admit to this allows me to be transparent enough that other people who feel the same way will feel comfortable enough to talk to me.
    It’s through those kinds of conversations real change is made; in both parties. Don’t ya think?

  3. Well, so with all of my coping mechanisms, I still don’t cope. I think I’ll let God do the loving of everyone. I simply tolerate and be nice to those that make me cringe. As far as Sameria is concerned. This is a territory in the land of Israel. In most case Yeshua walked from the Galilee to the Jerusalem. In order to do so you have to go through Sameria. That is unless you want to walk through the Jordan valley. Not a pleasant walk…. The samerians are also sons of Jacob. By the way, if you return to the Greek you’ll find that Jew is actually Judean. Also works better in a lot of verses as well. The book of John translated in particularly bad in that respect. But that’s on a scholarly note.
    Bottom line how to love someone you don’t necessarily care for……

  4. Sorry, didn’t mean to come off arrogant. Simply if they would have translated Judean instead of Jews in the book of John in th3 correct places, it would have come off a lot less anti-Semitic.
    Ince again I apologize for being arrogant.

    1. I never thought that at all.. I guess its hard to hear the tone of my voice. I honestly didn’t know the Judea/Jew connection. I do remember a study that intimated Jesus was going going in the direction of Samarian he went out of his way.. but then I don’t research these things for sure.. I think it was in the same series the Chosen and I am aware that they add dialog for effect. You mighta just pointed that out thanks.. I was never once offended MK

  5. I’m kinda blessed to live in the Galilee. Samaria is beautiful. The whole land of Israel is beautiful. The Galilee is the best…

  6. i’ve heard this for years and now i use it for comic relief, “i love the ministry. it’s the people i can’t stand.” i picture Jesus rolling his eyes and shaking his head OFTEN when dealing with me. i’m glad He has a sense of humor … and a WHOLE lot of patience.

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