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  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha!! I was reminded of the guy who used to tell everyone how to raise their kids, until he had some of his own. Wow how the tune changed then.

    Thanks for sharing another little slice of the Duncan household pie, glad to know I’m not alone.

    1. when I first married Cass she had preteen daughters,, and they were actually worse than my two sons.. I had all this wisdom.. and none of em wanted to hear any of it! LOL I just show up at the precint or the courthouse.. LOL bring em home

  2. Boy, do I relate to this one! I only had the two girls, and they were sweet for a while, and then when my oldest hit middle school, that’s when I decided that aliens really did exist. My sweet, sweet daughter had turned to the dark side, not doing anything really drastic, just in the clothes she wore (baggy, mismatched), back talking, lying, etc. And her and her sister were non-stop fighting all the time. We couldn’t afford a two-bedroom house/apartment, so they shared their room. We had to be creative and separate them once in a while. And then my oldest entered high school. Somehow she realized she needed to start loving her sister more. She read something in Matthew about loving each other, forgiving each other, and she turned herself around and was my sweet, sweet daughter again. Her sister still knew how to push buttons, but they had a better relationship and still do to this day.

    The other thing is my youngest daughter has a daughter who is a total clone of her. I laugh and she knows why. But she has a handle on her two kids, probably better than I did. And that says a lot. But, she doesn’t know the Lord and isn’t really interested in spiritual things. And with my mother-in-law entering her heavenly home on January 1st, she is going to miss her a lot. I know she knew my mother-in-law prayed for her all the time and they loved getting the cards that she sent. She is grieving a bit more than we are I think. Kind of weird that she will be flying here on her birthday, and the following day is a memorial service for Edna. Her family is going to hear a lot of testimony, I’m sure. Praying something hits.

    I’m sure you’ve heard this saying…If I knew it was going to be this much fun, I would have become a grandparent first. [Scott, Willard]

    Have a great day!

  3. So I’m in between. My daughter is engaged, and my son, well he’s taken the scenic route. Actually he’s fighting this war over here. Yeah sometimes when they were kids I could see myself at that age. It’s not about hell. Although sometimes….. its about wisdom… I pray that my past will be wisdom passed on to the future…

  4. I guess this is why we believe in the ultimate algorithm, the vector between this hell on earth, death and eternal life. We are all so flawed, the only way until the Perfect comes.
    That verse you wrote needs to be committed to music. Have that verse committed.

    1. I don’t have any anticipation that I’ll be recording new music.. but yea, when Nikki read it she broke down in tears… amazing what true words can do! glad you liked it.. I mostly wanted to make the episode longer than it was in the book! LOL

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