20 Replies to “Dear God I Need You To Kill Someone”

  1. Ooo….vicious lol….not much different than some of David’s prayers tho and those made it into the Bible so it must be ok to vent sometimes…God can take it….thank goodness!

  2. I agree. Yes I have had thoughts like this myself. It does help to get it out and say it. Keep up the good work.

  3. I hate to admit it but you surprise me more often not..
    I hope when we are finally in the place promised us in the many mansions in our Fathers house.. we get to see some vids of the Boanerges and I’m bettin you will be in them vids too, maybe just doin a rap song..

    1. not sure what all that means.. LOL but thanks for sayin.. this prayer hasn’t been popular this week.I typed my feelings straight forward on a post someone shared of this one.. and it got deleted by the higher ups! on FB

      1. Oh dear…I TRY to keep Fb my friendly space. You know using that old saying “If you have nothing nice to say…” Plus I am in 2 Fb groups that allow me to vent (within reason – I am still GOD’s daughter and want to be example ). Now X/ Twitter I speak out.

  4. Ok, you’re not saying anything most have not thought at one time or another. Dave laughed and agreed, but he did say your filter has bigger holes than some

  5. Ha ha ha, dude, I’m not alone!!
    I know as a believer we are taught to turn the other cheek, but when I see some people in leadership (of our country) getting away with $@&#, I have admit, I have a hard time, hence this prayer!

    1. where’d ya think this prayer came from ‘they’re hurtin a lot o people’ .. like someone said ‘as a Christian I’m supposed to turn the other cheek .. but if you do that again I’m going to backslide all over your a** LOL

  6. Well, you lay hands on them Nehemiah style or New Testament style.

    My prayer to God is “you get to them before I do. Because if I do, I’ll break one of your commandments, and screw it all up.”

    Isn’t there a passage that says: “It is better to fall into all the arms of the Lord then of men.”?

    1. Thanks for laughin.. these days its almost not funny. And thanks too for your support of what I’m doin on here. It hardly feels like an outreach LOL Just thought I’d start talkin about where I’ve been in recent years.. and at least I’m reaching ME! LOL

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