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    1. LOL I swear that stuff comes out of my head in a flash.. side effects are possible demon possession .. irritable bowel syndrome and definately vomiting! LOL upday me a baby Evs…On twitter when you got news

  1. I love this, and your answer to the ones starting a “church” . I’m with you, as we age, I have no fight left in this dog to argue with stupid people. Now I’ve got some nutshells to catch up on, as I’ve been in the hospital for the last couple of weeks. Hoping to get some coffee soon. Blessings B!

      1. Hey B, I was in Kaiser, Mo-valley, but back home healing up. Hopefully I’ll be back to semi-normal again. Enjoyed getting caught up on the nutschells, I think you’ve found your gift!

  2. That was really good! I think I’ll have another. I know there’s times when my wife would like a pause for me. And I also understand that everything that comes to my mind doesn’t have to hit my lips. I have been practicing apologetics lately. And I think the biggest lesson I have learned is that sometimes we just need to be quiet and listen. That gets really hard when people come up with some of the most insane things.

    1. yea… I wrote ‘don’t have to fix the world’ a few albums back.. cause it’s down right exhausting! LOL thanks for commenting I think this is the first time I’ve seen you on NS comments page.

  3. LOL. This made me laugh harder than I probably should hahaha.
    Pregnant pause LOL
    The 2 guys starting a church haha and you don’t have time to correct all the stupidity LOL
    All this is just hilarious

    1. funny thing is I was working on another nutshell when these guys came to the door ROFL .. I couldn’t help myself! LOL glad you laughed.. I was doubling over bout ‘Stupafil’

    1. LOL .. well I did kinda slam the door on em… that whole gender question is just driving me nuts! idiots.. thanks for resonating.. I have to pray more often for ME now! LOL

  4. Wow – this one hit home as I have been dialoging with a “pastor” who subscribes to “Open and Relational theology”. This was new to me and is very vague but when pressed it is clear they don’t believe the authority of script or that Jesus is God. They teach you to read the word through the Lens of Love or a lens of something else. I asked him why they even use scripture when they don’t believe it or at least it seems things they agree with are good and anything they don’t like is clearly not correctly interpreted. God in their mind is evolving to align Himself with man in this current era. All backwards to me and truthfully a cult straight from the devil. Infuriating! thankfully God doesn’t need me to defending His word but when I see sheep being lead astray, it is hard to sit idly by…

    1. Wow.. and I don’t see anywhere we’re supposed to dawn goggles to read the Bible.. I don’t wanna believe everything for follow everything.. but I don’t change the rules and say it was God’s new idea LOL
      Good to see you on here always DC!

  5. Let me know when the baby’s due. That will make medical history on so many levels. I’ll invite the BMJ.
    Also some pharmaceutical company should deploy you. Their unpronouncable names are harder to mouth than the chemical formulae. Stupafil sounds great. Maybe for an antipsychotic.

    1. LOL .. I still want to do an entire nutshell on the medical names they keep producing but I’ll have to slow down my cadence to even get em right.. I’ve been writing them down with every commercial I see.

  6. Speaking of Preggopaz .. Sarah and also Hannah took a lot of crap from someone in their own household while they waited upon the Lord for a child. When the Lord God vindicates you, you and everyone around you knows you have been vindicated. But then their is stories of Jacob deceiving and being deceived which apart from a limp worked out pretty good.. shrug..

  7. Oh wow! Covered a lot subject’s in record time… Stupifil !!! So I was told I need to learn patience and be tolerant. I’m glad I’m not the only one that has zero tolerance for idiots . Seems of late there’s an abundance of them.

  8. Oh my goodness….this one is priceless….and now maybe I have a touch of preggo pause cuz I’m speechless on this one but only cuz I’m laughing so hard!

    1. Hi Beth, I’m surprised at how popular this little rant has become myself.. several people have asked for a prescription for ‘stupafil’ ROFL I’m thrilled I have resonators! and thanks for your support ‘above and beyond the call of duty’

  9. My medical maniac!
    The scrips just keep on coming!
    I was still chewing my cud while digesting the Christian prayer paradox when you triggered a methane emission with your door jamb jab.
    Why do people pray like they’re choosing from a takeout menu, as if the Lord’s Prayer really should be understood as, “Let my will be done on earth, as I expect it will also be in heaven.”
    I’m pretty well convinced that the less I tell God what He should do for me, the better things seem to turn out for me. It’s almost as if He knows what I need before I even realize it eh?
    Another thing I learned a long time ago, was that it’s always better to say less than you think, and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!”
    I’m beginning to lose faith in the worldly theory of evolution that believes that we are steadily becoming the pinnacle of perfection as the millennia march on. I see little evidence that the spectre of idiocy is disappearing from our species. The idiot factory just keeps churning’em out.
    And then they knock on your door …
    Tot ziens Meneer!

    1. wow.. so I take it you wanna be under an assumed name? LOL .. you have to have been a writer for the Wittenberg Door at one time!~ LOL thanks for your delightful way of expressing it.

    1. Hi TS … yer words here are few… less likely to be any transgressions LOL thanks for the uplift.. after my two visitors I was feeling like I might have overstayed my welcome in the twilight zone ROFL

  10. Hi Bryan,
    I have been bingeing on your podcast since discovering it last month. I love the depth and variety, as well as the sarcastic and clever way you share your soul and your perspective just like you’ve always done so beautifully in your music. This episode is definitely one of my favorites! Well said!

    Sweet Comfort Band was one of my early Christian music influences along with Mylon Lefevre, Petra, DeGarmo and Key, Stryper, and many others. You, however, Bryan have always been a step above the rest with your songwriting, style, and vocal chops. So glad to have found you in my iPhone app and to be able to support your efforts. God bless you and keep up the good work. It’s a blessing to have a lunatic friend like you!

    1. Hi Jason! so glad to hear a good report of what I’m doin.. I gotta tell you I had no idea when I started.. just wanted to talk like I guy you’d know on the backrow at church.. tryin to get the message himself,, but it comes with an opinion! LOL cool of you to sign the guest book here too thanks

  11. Spot on, Brother Bryan. I ask God to engage my prefrontal cortex (higher functions- thought) section of my brain, over my caffeine infused amygdala (fear or flight) in the morning. It’s not easy being a Believer and having Aspergers. But I’m without excuses. Hoof in mouth disease is a condition of our fallen human nature. (Dang, the post-Calvinist Reformed in me. Thankful that AOG brothers helped this CRC kid see that you can praise the Lord with glee!)

    Even I’m slightly slower than when I first heard “Have Yourself Committed, Each And Every Day…”. I use the word “What?!” and “Huh?!” a lot. Too much loud machinery and not enough amplifiers.

    God Bless You and your family, Brian! Loving the Nutshell Sermons!

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