49 Replies to “Take Another Look At Me”

  1. Always loved this one too.
    So personal and intimate.
    And your voice is the smoothest on the planet. So so good.
    Thank you for writing this one.

      1. You know I don’t think I have a copy of this one. Lol how did I not have it haha.
        It’s such a beautiful song

  2. During a dark time in my life, I listened to nothing but your Blue Skies album… this was a favorite to comfort me… I would sit outside my counselor’s office in my car and just listen to all the tracks… and cry… and be ready for healing. They ALL got plenty of airplay in my car!

  3. Love it as always. My constant album is The Last Time I Was Here…It has gotten me through so much and I call it my “home base” music because it helps bring me back to where I need to be. If this song is on Blue Skes,I’m gonna need to pull out that cd and get that playin too.

  4. Songs with perspective, from another point of view, sometimes opens open the heart to that person or in this case the yeshua.. did you ever wonder how alone he felt at times surrounded by followers that simply couldn’t grasp the big picture, or even the little things he tried to explain?

      1. Id love a copy…thank you! Im sittin here on Good friday disgusted with myself, this song is precious! You are too. I thank God for you my friend

    1. Id love a copy…thank you! Im sittin here on Good friday disgusted with myself, this song is precious! You are too. I thank God for you my friend

  5. Hey Bryan,Love Blue Skies.Also love Joyride .I’m sure there’s a reason .But how come it’s not on iTunes .Can I get a digital copy? Thanks Perry Wheeler

    1. all these records are out of print.. we stopped putting song on Itunes.. they rob you of any income.. paying .007 cents per play or download. Check yer inbox.. Im going to give songs away to people who listen to my on the NUT

      1. Thanks Bryan!! I definitely don’t want to see you get ripped off by iTunes.I’m not looking for a freebie either .This stuff is to good for that!! Thanks again..

  6. That is excellent, Brother Bryan! While listening to this, I had images of The Chosen in the background of my mind. Sometimes you have to stir up the water! GBU!

  7. Love this !!❤️ so pure and genuine
    Reminds me some of Bryan’s Hymn..When I turn to you on Utmost ( which is an amazing all time favorite records)..
    Would love to have this

  8. Such a great song! Pure gold!!! We often feel like we have to hide from God when we mess up. But all God wants us to do is to look at Him and see how much He still loves us!!!!
    The whole Blue Skies album is awesome as well!

    You should pull a Taylor Swift (which I’m not a fan of but what she is doing is Smart) and re-record all your previous albums and release them with bonus tracks!
    I wish you all success in the future! A record company seriously needs to sign you to a record contract!

    1. thanks for your comments Jerry! one thing different between me and Taylor Swift. She has stupid money backing her.. I’ve had to crowd fund my last 4 records, and I finally stopped because we could no longer raise enough to record a single song.

      1. I can’t imagine how tough that is! I do hope and pray that a record company does sign you someday! You deserve all the success in the world!

  9. Joseph, the geographer here… I love this song. Barry Manilow said the same thing in his autobiography sweet life.… He thought nobody listened to anything besides his big hits which turned out not to be true because people like me listen to songs like “ see the show again”” by Barry

    1. HI JK! thanks for the comments .. Barry Manilow walked in the back of the studio once when I was in the vocal booth… he had the room next and got there a little early. He was working on Thumblina he said

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