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  1. Okay. So when you have an MRI again, or if, do this… When I went in the tube, I closed my eyes. Otherwise, I might have panicked. Not really, but I thought it. I wasn’t sure what to do to stay still, and then I heard a rhythm. In my head I started singing songs to that rhythm, and yes, some of your songs came up. It took every ounce of my strength to not move my body, but the songs took my mind off the machine. At least it worked for me.
    Another fun nutshell. Keep it going, Bryan. BTW, how is your wife doing?

    1. thanks for the tip.. not goin in there again! LOL .. got pT and doing well.. Cass is not progressing like we thought.. recovery has been slow getting her muscles back

        1. No thanks, I am not keeping score, that is the job of one who in fact deletes all our wrongdoings with simple heartfelt repentence, fogiveness of others and faith in Redemption personified.

  2. Funny, but my bride had an MRI done on her rotator cuff yesterday, and she said that counting actually helped her too. Said she made it to 700 and that she didn’t realize how long it takes to count that high.
    Seems I too have no problem remembering the times I’ve been wronged, but can’t remember the times I’ve been right. Maybe because I haven’t been right enough times? Wink, wink.
    Thanks for the reminder, and maybe start reminding people on here you’ve got that book out there on kindle too? Thanks for letting me share.

  3. Do you even take a breath? I didn’t count once! LOL! (But you sure do know how to count!) Loved this! I pray y’all both start feeling better…

  4. Oh no I’m claustrophobic to bad I walk up flights of stairs to avoid elevator’s. But next time tell them you need an open donut kind and a Xanax it works . But if you don’t do meds the open donut will be good I always say put me in feet first that way my head is always out. Hope you’re ok and Cassie as well miss you guys. ❤️

  5. Well let’s hope that the math 7×70 is another way of saying always forgive. I hope that’s the meaning. I can keep track of my own bad behavior. Let alone some one else’s.

  6. Speaking of wives I tried this one on mind & just got “the look” – “I wish I was cross-eyed, so I could see you twice.” Apparently romance is indeed dead

  7. I can’t count how many people I’ve offended when I have said MRI’s don’t bother me. Robbin’s comment above is fairly close to my experience. BTW you and Cassie are always in my prayers. I’m sorry to hear it is such a long road back for her.

  8. My math is bad but I love to forgive because it pleases GOD.
    I am glad and thankful God forgets my wrongs through Christ because I had a boatload!
    Why does a ship deliver cargo while a car delivers shipments?

      1. Lol you mean she counts your failures? LOL I once had a father-in-law that wrote it down every time his daughter came to see him, and he’d let her know and she didn’t come enough, can you believe that LOL

        1. Sure I can believe it..people keep records of offenses even when they lost count LOL I would call my mom and she’d start in ‘you never call’! … I’m calling now mom!

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