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  1. Easter…. what we as Christians acknowledge Jesus and his power over death. Super important. A pillar of our Faith…

  2. Amen ….may I say… death is an absence of this life as we know it…a passageway to new life…Sure glad I have my transition policy ….:)

      1. When I first joined a church after believing there was this elderly Mennonite couple that befriended me. They always called me
        “His diamond in the rough”..

  3. I learned that after Jesus died He descended into hell then ascended into heaven. After that He came back. Of course His body was back by Sunday to live forever. That’s it in a nutshell.

  4. Not sure where you got that, that Jews consider someone really dead after 3 days. Actually it’s customary to bury someone as quickly as possible. Then there’s a seven day morning period.
    Anyways. It’s always funny to watch the sleepers in the back row with their chin bouncing off their chests ..

    Deuteronomy 21:22-23 (Jewish Law) says to bury the corpses of those crucified (before sunset).1 This is relevant because Jews considered the demands of Jewish Law to be morally obligatory.

    1. I stand Correct I did read it that in Old testiment times it was part of their procedure! Man Ima have to start checkin my facts closer.. I also missed that Jesus went down to hell to do a little business with the keys to death.. Thats why I’m on the back row. LOL

  5. Happy Easter everyone. Just watching a doco on John Cadbury who started the huge chocolate industry in Victorian Birmingham, and then Bournville,England. At that time, alcohol was a huge multigenerational scurge of the poor in England. As a Quaker, a persecuted Christian minority, he decided to start the chocolate industry to help his religious community and the poor in general. With his resultant wealth, he also addressed social injustice and welfare. He wanted cocoa products to replace alcohol and was somewhat successful. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Once a worship leader at our church, an ex marine through his fist into the air and hollered, “Let’s give Him hail!” We never recovered after that. Hahaha.
    “Don’t flip off God.” Hahaha, this one had so many great moments; in the post AND the comments. Thanks bro, and Happy Easter!

    1. hey DF I was corrected by Kadmiel who is a jewish Christian in Israel. said I was wrong about the 3 day thing.. I read it somewhere without due diligence which is my primary Mode of operation~ LOL

  7. My LF, it’s good to know that yer still hale and hearty!

    I immediately thought of the old Psalter Hymnal favourite, “All Hail the Power of Jesus Name”, Edward Perronet, author, 1780. So I did some googling to look up the words. There are more verses (8) than what are usually published (4) in the hymnal.

    “All hail! the pow’r of Jesu’s Name;
Let angels prostrate fail;
Bring forth the Royal Diadem,
To crown him Lord of all.”

    Source: All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name | Hymnary.org

    Edward was born in 1726. Born, baptized, and brought up in the Church of England, he had originally no other thought than to be one of her clergy. For some time he was an intimate associate of the Wesleys (the Methodist brothers, Charles and John).

    But, though strongly evangelical, he had a keen and searching eye for defects. A characteristic note to The Mitre, in referring to a book called The Dissenting Gentleman’s answer to the Rev. Mr. White, thus runs:—”I was born, and am like to die, in the tottering communion of the Church of England; but I despise her nonsense; and thank God that I have once read a book that no fool can answer, and that no honest man will”.

    Source: Edward Perronet | Hymnary.org

    Sounds like someone who might’ve sat on the back bench eh!?

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