15 Replies to “Dear God You Might Have Been Hacked”

  1. What’s real and what’s not. I work for a HITECH that provides storage solutions for HPC and AI systems. It’s a good thing and BAD thing.
    But your right, we need to know the creater, and the only way to know that is to know his scripture. No password needed to open the good book. And we can use it as a decryption device for all the fakes out there. Keep clicking on “I’m not a robot”

  2. Hi, Bryan! I just discovered your podcast and love it! I’ve been a fan of your music for a while, though I’m only 21, and I’m glad you’ve found a new outlet to spread God’s Word, in a way only you can! Thanks for making my day a lot better!

    1. Hi DB just made my day.. nutshells have my own quirk of short attention span impatience, and constant mental interuptions! LOL Glad to hear from ya! how’d you discover my new endeavor here? can I ask

      1. Hi again! Yea, I found out about Nutshell Sermons when you mentioned it on the One Degree With Andy podcast you did. Hope that answers your question!

      2. Hi again! Yea, I found out about Nutshell Sermons from the podcast One Degree With Andy you were on. Hope that answers your question!

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how much some people think they can get away with . The awesome responsibility of being able to give the sacred Word cant be handle carelessly because of the hurt and pain it can cause to millions thanks to the many social media platforms. Some things i see on youtube definitely will make you grab your bible and study a bit more cause you will say to yourself a lot of times how in the world did he come to that conclusion about that scriptorial text. Some are True and represent well they pretty much come with no gimmicks and the bible is the objective truth that’s given in tried and true proper context. On the other side there are those who are so far out there the hubble telescope would have trouble finding them.They claim to know this and that and have little if any proper scriptural bases to back up anything, I think they hope you don’t know anything scripture wise and that you buy what they are selling. Then there are the what i call the performers these guys they will do almost anything to get the people in . These hackers use trampolines,superbowl sunday skits, sorority girl dancing and last but not least when bringing in the new year they did it like ya doos it at the club ! Wow we were warned about some of these hackers they not only could possibly deceive you if you are not careful they will make merchandise out of you too! Watch them seeds they may wish you to sow !

  4. I’m always forgetting passwords and the ones I use the most probably should be changed. It hurts my head to try to come up with new ones.

    And the part about seeing God face-to-face reminded me of the sermon from the pastor of Grace in SLO. When Jesus appeared to Mary and His disciples, they recognized Him because of His scars. Mary, because of His voice. Thomas wanted to put his finger in the scars, but when he saw them, he didn’t need to do that. The difference between Christianity and other religions is we have a Savior with resurrection scars. We know Him by His scars.

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