6 Replies to “Waves Of Rebukees”

  1. Yes, many a times in ones life, there seems to be a cascade of never-ending tidal waves. And, yes knowing what battle God wants you in is that of life-long fine tuning. Some are yours and some are not, that being said, ” The Battle is the Lord’s.” Someone sang a really great song with that title……

  2. Wow I learned to swim at 2 and I loved plowing into backwaves too.so cool to feel out of control until mom showed up & said not to lol

  3. Hi Brain. Yeah big waves. Like the media hard to fight alone. See they did that is the minority which control s the narrative are successing, succeed be cause as individuals we are quiet. If we were to come together as the majority we are, we could make change.
    I think those crashing waves could be stopped if we built a wall. I think the situation today is God rebuking us for not taking a stand sooner. The collective rebuke..
    Misinformation and lies are the tools of satan.

    1. sadly in Christian circles I don’t see the kind of unity that would bring about opposition.. still Scripture says the corrupted will destroy themselves..

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