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  1. Your candor and honesty in these past few episodes of your life story are a breath of fresh air and I look forward to each on of them. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes for so many professional musicians, and especially those trying to make things work in Christian music.

  2. I loved that band. That’s where I made a fresh contact with your music. The guys in the band were humble and genuine. Rich Davis was a saint. Thanks for your story.

  3. I was do overwhelmed with the cd and DVD of you and the Nehosoul Band that I bought both, music first, then DVD because I had never seen you perform and you were great…I loved the DVD because I heard all the back talk live on stage – an awesome experience ♥️!!

  4. We all go through seasons of life, some good, some bad and some worse! But they’re just seasons and, as Crystal Lewis sang, Seasons Change and there’s “No way to know how long they’ll last”. ” I’d line to know the reason why”.

    1. funny I toured for several weeks with CL don’t remember that song… pray for the story going forward some o the years coming up will be hard to but a decent spin on

  5. You’re such a named dropper sometimes. Haha and I recognize a lot of those names and love the music. I can’t even imagine what it was like being on the road like that and all that you did. I’m glad to have CDs and DVDs to watch now. And even those stuck in the cars.

  6. Yeah mate! Got the CD & DVD. Dig it! So funny when the backing singers are timid about knowing when to jump in, you say “this is a terrible song.” Haha. No way man! One of your best, just an unusual arrangement for ANY song! It’s what makes it brilliant. All those layers! Wish I had known about this gig. I’ve been in Nashville since ‘98. You Definitely won’t recognize it now. But hope some Heavenly Light shines down and you return to our fair city.

    1. nothin in the world is remotely the same.. member when that bomb in a motorhome went off? that was right accross the street from the club we were in years before this

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