22 Replies to “Dear God Who Needs These Thoughts?”

  1. Thank you for being honest. One of my biggest hang ups in my walk with God is my emotions, and where they lead me. I’m so glad God allows- no, encourages honesty when we talk to Him.
    I’ve learned to put on my armor every day- never forgetting that belt of truth, because my emotions LIE to me! I wish that was the end of it, but I still find myself drowning in those perfidious emotions… but I know what to do now. Pray, and trust…

    1. Ok now i have to look up Perfidiouus! LOL .. Thanks for your comments on this one.. I really do feel all that I’ve said here.. someone yesterday called me for a ‘wellness check’ yesterday LOL.. thought I sounded down.. well ya, I’m familiar with these thoughts all the time even when I’m not personally feeling that way

  2. I can’t imagine being you. I had dreams of being you my whole entire life. Fortunately, I had the reality of having to go to a real job and do construction work my whole life that brought me back to reality after singing on a weekend and people telling you what a blessing you are. Having been told my whole entire life, how come you didn’t sing for living.
    And then in 1990 things in the church started to change where soloist we’re not really needed anymore. Then, hearing all the time it’s not about you it’s all about Jesus, like I really needed to be reminded of that lol
    I always felt that my gift for singing was given to me by God I didn’t grow up wanting to sing. It just started happening, but it’s definitely true. That pride cometh before the fall. Fortunately, I’ve been spared through the years. I haven’t screwed up too bad, every day, a day of new beginnings, God is a god of new beginnings so we just keep pressing on in Jesus name !
    So here I am now turning 65 this year wondering what God‘s will is for my life. I know it’s important to take advantage of every moment of every day my main ministry lately has been taking care of this homeless guy who doesn’t like to be called homeless, 72 years old so now it’s like really God. This is what you have for me to do in my life
    And that’s all I got to say about that.

    1. good to hear from ya over here on the nutpod.. yer story is very similar to mine.. two years into college I wasn’t thinking singer/songwriter could be more than a hobby. … still not sure either LOL

  3. I definitely know what you’re saying about your thoughts, crazy trying to get them under control.

  4. I d o this all the time vent to Jesus cause I can. Other people don’t want to hear it. I think I must have done something wrong and it isn’t funny

  5. Oh man. I have that prayer way to often. Self-loading and low self-esteem creep up a lot. Why are we so quick to focus on the negative? It’s like a magnet. Oof! Great food for thought.

  6. I am with you on these thoughts. I have them from time to time. But where can you go but to Gad to try and find the answers?

    1. Thanks Rog…fortunately I don’t go here often.. but they are familiar enough to me to write a prayer you won’t hear in church.. in about as much time as it takes to listen to it!

  7. this is one of those prayers that doesn’t necessarily seem to have a pick-me-up and yet its there. much like Psalm 88 … this is a prayer many, many, many can relate to. yet it’s still an acknowledgement of a heart yielded before the Lord — even if we don’t understand why things are happening or why we feel completely crushed by this world or why He seems so far away. and yet the cry is to the One who can answer all of the questions and turn things from one season to the next. in our unfaithfulness, He’s still faithful. and in hindsight, you can now say He was there. and now you’re here; sharing frustrations you’ve endured so others don’t feel as alone on that back pew. by telling them this prayer from your vantage point now they can find hope. “if God can turn things around for Bryan, He can turn things around for me.” you just didn’t realize you were still trusting Him, still brokenly submitted to Him, and still recognizing His sovereignty in a life that was drifting. thanks for sharing the funny and the real.

    1. Hi RQ… yea… I worried about leaving it where it is… but that’s always bugged me bout bein around church.. often compelled to put a smiley face on it before the shadows have been recognized. if yer gonna re paint you’d better sand first! LOL

    1. well yer not worthless around me Felt Tip! yer leavin yer mark! Hope I didn’t contribute to the wrong thoughts for you.. but these are all familiar to me pretty often.

  8. Maybe God gifted you with mind reading…lol…this sure sounds like my mind sometimes…thanks for sharing

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