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  1. this Christmas is a classic! I love album cover and it’s 50s 60s style.
    funny you should mention Stevie wonder. a Jon Gibson song popped up in my feed last night. hadn’t heard him in at least 30 years. so cool to have Christmas tunes with a Hammond on them

  2. Wow…you mentioned Christmas in July…we all know cause the stores all advertise their decor and basic products like white sales and food like candy, cookies…I love it cause Christmas music is my fave…I bought Nehosoul Christmas a few years ago and play it all year…the band was a great find!!thanks for the history of nutshellsermons too…your friend in the back…

  3. I didn’t know about this album until you talked about it on this podcast series. I just ordered the album! Sounds like a fun thing to listen to in July. 😀

  4. How do I not have this album? haha Christmas in July has not been a favorite for me, especially on Hallmark because then I miss my mysteries and other movies. But, I just don’t watch. Although this year is the first time I’m actually tapping into a couple of them because of the actors in them. A Charlie Brown Christmas is a must-see every year. But, now they don’t show it on main stations. I think Apple or someone like that has rights to it and I don’t want to pay for ANOTHER stream just to watch one thing. I think I have the DVD, though, so I can watch it anytime, even in July.

  5. All 3 of these songs are classic Christmas and your versions are so awesome…Little Drummer Boy was perfect…really liked the first few opening lines and indeed they disguised the song…as always nice job Bryan….your work is always a cut above!

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