19 Replies to “Comin Up Short”

  1. Yeah. Me too. Comin up way short from where I started. I always pray for that first love amd zealously I had when I came to faith. Mu inventory is so screwed up, I sometimes think I should burn it down and put a claim in to insurance!!! Kidding yeah, but I tend to be a bit of a mess.

  2. Oh my friend being in this less than prestigious club has always been one that has you saying can I just get this right this time or man, I can’t believe I’m still struggling with this ! It can have you thinking all kinds of thoughts that are just plain awful and you feel like you have a 10 gallon hat on that says LOSER across the front it. Learning how to actually take thoughts captive has been an ongoing process to say the least for me , I mean should you repeat scriptures to yourself or pray right then when you go off into la la land with your thoughts when they are horrible ? Then there could be times when everything is beautiful and its a wonderful day then Bam, here is a thought that comes and you try to remember what the scriptures say you should do. It is very challenging trying to keep your balance when your mind is bombarded with thoughts you don’t want. It’s like trying to run though a icy loaded minefield with shoes made of banana peels ! I At times questioning yourself on why am I thinking like this and this is not like me becomes almost routine that’s when all you can do is continue and earnestly ask God to help you to be better !and do better from CUSism(Coming Up Short ism) ! Now if we can just get out the way and let Him do what He can do I think we all gonna find out he didn’t need our apprentice Manship at all !

  3. You know I have crushed on you for 30 years. But now you’re old and wrinkly that is over!!! LOL!! I took that thought captive and what remained was a beloved friend that is honest, real and doggone smart. Thanks for these, Bryan.

    1. Wow what an honor to have a ‘real’ comedian sign my guestbook LOL I’ve always called you my one nashville friend! ROFL thanks for the kudos.. hope I’m attaining some level of humor on my nutpod .. this has been fun … as a second job. Got to sing with a whole band this weekend.. I called em the ‘One Rehearsal Band’ LOL

  4. Oh yeah. Just did this at work and came up with a few shocks. We all come up desperately spiritually short. Those who have the greatest of debt forgiven are those who become most bonded to the Lord.

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