10 Replies to “Were Not Prayin All The Time”

  1. I love the neo soul projects. All the background information is quite interesting and messy.

  2. Church secretary, huh? That is a cute story with you and Cassie. Hoping she’s doing okay. And your trip to Morro Bay. Every time we visit slow, we go to Morro Bay for fish and chips, almost every time. Your adventures are really interesting to hear. I remember liking you forever, and now just really loving how you’re sharing your stories and being real. He really have gone through a lot and it’s good to know that God has been there all the way, even when maybe you didn’t feel like it.

    1. Whew thanks for the lift Robbin.. not comfortable talkin about my ‘love/hate’ relationship! LOL .. Cass is so direct when she says stuff it makes you take a step back! LOL her recovery has been slow.. but she is a trooper in this new unrecognizable chapter of our lives

  3. Thisis one of my faves for Christmas.. Such a shame so much of your music got lost! Your music is so valuable…no one does it quite like you do! Please don’t stop…they are nuggets from above…lol

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