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  1. Wow I’m with you Bryan. ..waiting hoping to get a bath and hair wash must be before 2p..have new hair wash cap neat…no water. Had a real shower and hair wash Thursday …like heaven next to God!

  2. A nation of slaves took 40 years to turn them into a nation under one God. Notice that pretty much all of those that left Egypt died in the desert.
    We have a say in Hebrew regarding the welfare of Israel: when things are good, it’s bad, when things are bad, it’s good. The only time Israel stands as a nation and triumphs is when things are not going well. I think God lets Israel go through these things to only make her stronger. All the empires that have tried to wipe out Israel have failed and most are only writings in history books. So. It’s all about the journey with a goal

    1. I learned that Hamas in Hebrew means Violence and I read in the Bible today that passage (Speaking of Abraham’s son from Hagar)
      “His hand will be against everyone,
      & everyone’s hand will be against him;
      & he will live in hostility toward all his brothers. (Gen 16:12 …explains what’s going on in the Middle East to this day. I was surprised my wife had never heard that before
      thanks MK

  3. I am an avid backpacking nut. That’s like tearing down your campsite, and carrying everything on your back to the next campsite. No showers per day, but if you get to your camp destination and set up everything, hopefully there is a river or something nearby to rinse of the dirt. If bio soap is used, that is an ordeal. Bucket of water carried away far from the water source. Food is even more crazy l. Not sure it you have tried freeze dried, but when you carry 35-40lbs over rugged terrain all day, it makes sense. For some reason it is the best tasting meal you can imagine. The question is, why do I put myself through that? It is all about the journey, hoping I can get back out there again. I have paused for health reasons.

    1. Thanks for sharing Ralph.. when I think of camping now its a no go… used to love it.. hiking in Utah. my knees don’t work now I think they are freeze dried! ROFL

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