8 Replies to “Dear God You’re Interrupting”

  1. I remember that game red light green light. So why am I always at a proverbial red light? Suppose I should sit myself down and be patient. Difficult task in and of itself.
    All those interruptions are supposed to tell us something. I keep missing it

    1. hey MK
      heard a good one today when God gives you what you want that’s his direction.. when he doesn’t give you what you want .. that’s his protection!

    1. Hey BF it just dawned on me that nobody in the Bible was right all the time!!!! this is gonna tie into my Jesus n Music story next “Careening off the Guardrails” LOL

  2. I remember red ligh green light well I did appreciate the ifs to help me stay on course when I was new otherwise I’d be lost in space . Lol

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