18 Replies to “Career Disappointments”

      1. Lol he says that about you too haha
        But he has big love for you.
        You guys need to figure how to do some new stuff together.

  1. Love this! Dang a whole love album we missed out on? Guess some folks just never learned grace and how to work with others through things. Sad. I’d love to hear any tracks you can share. And where’s the recording from the band in Washington? Ha! Definitely step back from that “ledge” aka “The Curb”. Your songs have impacted so many lives including my own. I hope you don’t get tired of singing them because many of us want to keep hearing them!

    1. thanks DC there was no recording of the Wa. state gig we did first. I hadn’t assumed that it would be stellar… but I would do a second “live” project that I will talk about in the next episode of JNM

  2. I’m #1
    In commenting
    I needed to hear something you said in this one. Thanks for the curb side chat. ,

  3. Would you believe this live album is one of my favorites? I started collecting them one by one starting with ultimate collection…I loved the album and you on the cover signing them and the girls ‘ name written on the bac(. TO From. Like first concerts. You’ll I ked so young Bryan in your zydeco suit and of course the songs were so original !

  4. I’m currently struggling with where I am in my career so this resonated with me. We are often so full of self-doubt and insecurity, especially when the world around us has changed and our paths are no longer clear. I look at very successful people like you (and you ARE) and find it encouraging that you keep going, keep trying, keep connecting. Maybe sometimes it isn’t about us but about the people who reach out to us and include us in their burgeoning future? Perhaps that is our purpose. Keep your thoughts coming, Bryan.

    1. Hi Sharon, it has been the hardest parts of my life shared that have been most benificial over my lifetime. Old things passed away includes everything eventually. love hearing from ya, and what yer future might look like.. I certainly didn’t see nutshells comin

  5. I have heard you say at other times how we have no idea the influence we have on others, how something we thought was a fail made an impact on someone else. I really like that…it encourages me every time I hear it. Thanks again for all your insights!

  6. I am so sorry that this record did not get released. I will pray that one day it does. I hope that artist realised that they cut off their nose to spite their face. I am glad you had that very positive experience in Seattle and that you had a good friend who had your ear in a crisis.

    1. Thanks Twin Cities is actually better concert than Music City Live was. At least from my perspective. I can send you the entire project via your email address if you know how downloads work

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