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  1. We remember your earnest plea for prayer for “hope for your broken hearted” wife suffering in pain as we are lunch together in Ohio. Rejoicing with you both that God has supplied healing mercy! See you in September.

  2. Tina and I just listened to Born Again Again and Listening To My Wife For Once. The summation of Cassie’s ordeal in her own words was amazing! What thrilled us the most was the smile in her voice, the chuckles as she recalled the ordeal, and the intense love for God, even when the hardship was the worst. Her candor was refreshing! The love you two share is, well there’s no way to describe the depth of it. May God continue to amaze you both with His love!

    1. thanks for supporting us too… the love we have now is nothing like what we started with LOL.. never thought suffering could transform our perspective so much

  3. In the fire is such a tough place to be. That is a beautiful beautiful testimony and witness.
    The wife’s sojourning was brutal but successful and she lived an additional 10 years but 2 of those were in treatment again and then hospice. July 9 is 4 years but I had a dream a couple weeks ago. We had a conversation and it was sooo joyful.. I woke up happy joyful and content and of course immediately told my children lol.

    1. wow.. I don’t remember this minute what your wife’s afflictions were? but yes, all healings still end in an appointment to meet God. .. hard to be here without em though..

  4. I just finished listening to this INSPIRATIONAL Nutshell Sermon, and wow. Thank you for sharing your journey with us listeners and Cassie is an answer to our prayers. We continue to keep you both in prayer as you both heal from this.
    We look forward to the day we can sit out back and enjoy a KUPPA with our neighbors.
    Thanks again for sharing, as we had no idea what you two have been through. Blessings my friend!

  5. I’m sorry that you all had to go through that, especially Cassie. but a great testimony. Bryan the helpless feeling you felt. I get that, personal experience with family members. Maybe helps some of us hold on just a bit longer, not giving up.

    1. Thanks MK, we’re also seeing how our perseverance is speaking louder to unbelievers who would never sit thru a sermon!! like our kids for instance.. who are not so sure about faith all the time!

      1. Yeah my kids are the same. One of them said they’re just not to interested…. hard to understanding

  6. Wow! Thank your bride for sharing her story. I’m sorry you guys went through that, but rejoice with you that you are on the other side now. Great podcast as always.

    1. I’m sharing what you say to her today even… this wasn’t a direction either of us thought to take on the ‘shells’.. God keeps telling me Turn Here! … LOL wait what.. but God these aren’t 2 minutes!!! nobody’ll listen that long! ROFL

  7. Listened to this with my daughter who also has a constant pain in her hands and feet that hasn’t been able to be diagnosed. It was very encouraging to her and to me. God is good all the time.

    1. Oh My! What’s your daughter’s name? I have to read this to Cassie.. we have wondered why God would not heal her .. let her go thru this for years, I had resigned myself that she would always be like this.. and now we’re getting an idea of where God is giving us new opportunity to share encouragement for others .. even from our own pain. Keep in touch. we’ll share her road with her where we can!

  8. Hearing Cassie describe what happened is incredible…Gods in this whole thing for you both.

    I’m so glad to hear all of our prayers are being answered . God bless y’all


    1. I read the Ozzie post you sent.. I remember it.. Cass got more out of it that day than I did.. but it speaks even louder now resonating with all we’ve discussed even hours before I called you! Thanks for being a good friend.. even when we’re out of touch sometimes.. I love you and Anita.. “Live Long and Prosper… In Jesus Name! LOL

  9. Cassie is adorable! I don’t know what she was like before, but just listening to her enthusiasm, her joy, her gratefulness and praise for God is just wonderful to hear. Thanks for sharing her with us. And thank you, Cassie, for sharing your story with us.

    1. I know right.. there was 4 years of tight lipped grimly facing an ongoing pain that we thought might never end. from the moment she woke up after surgery she said she could tell the difference

  10. Wow what a beautiful share. So grateful she is on the mend. I had prayed all I knew, may she live and not die that she may declare the works of the Lord. The transformation in the kids and all family affected is the best. The stupid things the church people say and the struggles getting the right care continue to irritate me to the core. A lot needs to change with insurance running the medical show and FOR profit institutions turning their back so easily. You’re gonna make it! Both of you yay thank you Jesus!

  11. Wow…this spoke to me in so many ways. Thank you both for sharing your story. Watching your spouse transform ( not in a good way) is one of the hardest things to have to do (you might remember my husband has Parkinson’s). You are so blessed to be able to see her transform back again. I may not see that for my husband this side of heaven, but Cassie’s story is such an encouragement to keep holding on to Jesus. On another note, we can relate on the children thing too and keep praying for total commitment to come in their lives. Can we all sing “A Little Bit At A Time”…

    1. now that Cass is coming back I’ve realized how lonely it has been for me.. watching her sleep in the afternoon, and not getting up till 9am because she takes pills at 1AM and 7 AM.. I’m having to relearn how we used to be! and btw doctors told us earlier the she had Parkinsons because she does have tremors occasionally. and then it was MS.. maddening to realize Doctors don’t know everything

  12. Continuing to pray as she recovers from surgery. I’m guessing she wants to start doing everything right NOW!! Any surgery takes time to heal-minor or major. Please encourage Cassie to allow time to recuperate as she needs.

  13. It is so hard to see our wives in pain. I know several years ago my wife started having this uncontrollable pain in her throat and neck area. We took her to several doctor’s and had CT scans and MRI’s done, nothing definitive was ever found. I thought it was glossopharyngeal Neuralgia, based on all this internet research I did, and read about a treatment they called the Gamma knife, which sounds a lot like what you described. Then she had a job change and it went away, I guess she was really stressed, or God just answered our prayers.
    Then last year, after a bout of Covid and rebound Covid, she started having similar symptoms but it was spread down the left side of her body. The Doctor’s told her it was most likely what they called long term Covid, as the virus seems to have long term effects on the nervous system in many PT’s. Same thing with the tests, and eventually that went away. Once again, I could only attribute it to God answering prayers. But I know sometimes doesn’t answer prayers in the way that we would have it.
    I grew up, from age six, with a mother who suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis, and was in constant pain, went through surgeries and the bending and twisting of her joints. This happened all the way until she passed away when I was 38. My mom was a devout Church of God member, very involved in the Church, even after she became ill. Serving as the Church secretary and treasurer of our small congregation. Our prayers for her never were answered. However, countless prayers that she lifted up to God for others were answered. Because my mother become a true prayer warrior. I guess like the Apostle Paul said, when I am weak, then I am strong… God Bless you brother, you have always ministered to me in you music, now you have ministered to me, and reminded me of some important things again. BTW, I turned 60 earlier this year….

    1. thanks for sharing your story. I know those now who like your mom have prayed for others and not been healed themselves. you didn’t mention your wife’s name but its a strange affliction to come and go like that. lets pray it stays gone!

  14. What a delight to hear Cassie’s testimony! So encouraging with the health issues I’m working out- not to give up.

    1. Hi Julie.. our big mistake was to think that one healing would fix all.. as we age we face constant new decisions and usually between the lesser of two evils! LOL Persistence and endurance seems to be God’s theme song

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