21 Replies to “Lets Spray”

  1. I love this perspective! But now I have to go clean my car, because I’m feeling a little hypocritical…

  2. Thank you for this Nutshell Sermon! I was struggling because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough for the Lord these last few days. You have helped me let it go so I can get back to my Bible study and prayer commitments. There is wisdom in your levity!

    1. well thanks for sayin Becky, I never feel like I’m gettin what I said right.. comes out like grenade fragments LOL what an encouragement to me.. I’ve noticed that those around us are often more inspired or challenged by things we said off handed!

  3. Let’s spray. Love it. I went to church with a lawyer named Mike King. Whenever we sang the song “You are my God, You are my King” I always thought, you are “Mine King” pretty sure he liked that perspective too.
    Good one sir, I enjoyed it so much I actually thought about washing my truck, but changed my mind when I went outside in the heat. I mean, it’ll rain sometime, right?

  4. So I did the math. How much is a water pressure pumps to clean the vs taking the car to the car wash. I got the pump now I wash the cars myself.
    Kinda like the heart of a man. Gotta put in the work to get it clean.

  5. I Hate washing cars B, but now you done did it ! I’m inspired after this nutshell sermon, I’m off to the car wash! Oh umm, next week .

    1. LOL the carwash machine does a terrible job even when you pay extra has been my experience. But it sure feels good to drive somethin doesn’t look like you found it in a dumpster! LOL

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